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Who doesn’t love cake? Sponge, chocolate, lemon drizzle or fruit, whatever the question, cake is always a good answer. So a cake personalised for a special person in your life and delivered through your letter box has to be the most wonderful kind of gift. bakerdays create these wonderful cakes that you can give and hopefully share.

bakerdays are the kings of the letterbox cake. This is a cake that comes in it’s own tin and is then boxed in such a way it can easily fit through any letterbox ensuring that even if you are sending it to a person who is never in during the day, they will still receive it without having to make a trip to the Post Office. The letterbox cakes come in a range of designs and special themes, including Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, both of which are upcoming soon. There is a choice of recipes for your cake, chocolate, Victoria sponge (my all time fave), lemon drizzle, gluten free or dairy free.

bakerdays letterbox cakes are both beautiful to look at and incredibly tasty to eat. My choice is always Victoria Sponge, a favourite since I was very young, and the mixture of cream and jam and soft moist sponge is just a brilliant combination. Each cake is covered in a thick layer of icing that is then decorated with your chosen design and personalisation.

I chose a design for my husband that has special meaning to us. We got together 25 years ago this year, and so I chose a design with penguins on, as penguins are an animal that chose one mate for life. My husband and I often chose cards and gifts with a penguin theme, and refer to ourselves as penguins, so this is truly perfect and meaningful for us.


If you do want to send a thoughtful gift to a loved one, maybe someone who lives across the miles, or want to surprise a friend who never seems to be home in the daytime, then a letterbox cake from bakerdays could be both the easiest, and definitely the tastiest option.





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