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Basil Brush is back – Check out the Full on Fox Tour

If you are looking for some fun, family entertainment then I would highly recommend you check out The Basil Brush show that is currently in the middle of a UK tour. We saw the show today at the Lichfield Garrick (which is definitely one of the friendliest theatre’s in the UK), and we all truly enjoyed it, with belly laughs a-plenty and Basil proving he has lost non of his wit and charm after 50 years in show business.

BASIL NEW - BROCHURE & WEB IMAGEBasil Brush has recently had a relaunch that has seen a whole You Tube channel dedicated to the pesky blighter. As a fan of the programme from way back when I was really interested to see how the show translates for the current generation of children, including my little boy Joe, who was not really aware of the famous fox. I am pleased to say that Basil Brush proves to be a real crowd pleaser across the generations, with both parents and children alike enjoying the fun and jokes, and even a bit of a soaking from a rather large water gun.

As Basil’s sidekick Mr Stephen, Chris Pizzey is an energetic bundle of energy. He sings (rather well it has to be said), dances, plays the foil to Basil and his wisecracks, and also, rather impressively, directs the show. A highlight of the show is when Basil and Mr Stephen retell the story of Sherlock Holmes (or Sheerluck as he is rechristened.) Chris Pizzey plays four different characters in this segment, each with a different voice, hat, helmet or wig, and the scene is one of manic hilarity that had all the audience laughing out loud.


The show is perfect for children aged 5+, although there were plenty of pre-schoolers who also seemed to be enjoying the performance. The chance to meet Basil and Mr Stephen after the show, along with the ‘theatre manager’ Mr Snell, is a lovely finishing touch, one which my little boy Joe was very excited about. We left the theatre clutching our autograph and smiling at what had been a lovely afternoon.

Joe meet Basil Brush and Mr Stephen aka Chris Pizzey at the Lichfield Garrick
Joe meet Basil Brush and Mr Stephen aka Chris Pizzey at the Lichfield Garrick

For tour dates and ticket information, click here.




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