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Beauty Ideas for November

As we enter November, and get ever closer to the festive season, it is time to get ourselves ready for all those parties, events and excuses for dressing up that Christmas brings. Hair, skin, nails and teeth, we want them all to look their best, matching the sparkling new dresses and shoes that we are sure to be buying. Fortunately, there is still time yet to get looking your best, and lots of beauty treatments and services that can give nature a helping hand.


A sparkling smile is often the most attractive feature of any man and woman, and smiling in general speaks wonders of an engaging personality. There are lots of ways to help your smile, from whitening toothpaste and the popular charcoal treatments. If you feel you need to look a deeper into treatments that are not temporary, quick fixes, then cosmetic dentistry, of the type offered by the Whitby Dentist,is no longer so expensive that it is just confined to Hollywood stars and the super rich. If your confidence is suffering because you hate your smile, this could be a worthwhile investment in you.

Blow Ltd

Blow Ltd is a new service in Birmingham that has been called the Uber of the beauty world. For people living in and around the city, you can know enjoy treatments like manicures, pedicures and blow dries in the comfort of your own home. Perfect if you are preparing for a big night out, perfect also if you have mobility issues, perfect if you just want to be pampered, whilst still wearing your pyjamas and slippers. Blow Ltd works through an app and is basically brilliant.


If you are looking to get your skin Christmas perfect, it may be worth taking a look at your current regime and trying some new products. Christmas is a great time to indulge in some new brands, as stores like Boots, and brands like Kiehls launch some gift sets that contain full sizes at discount prices, or launch limited editions that are highly sort after. One of my current faves is the Kiehls Christmas hand cream set that is such a good buy at less than £20, and is a fabulous idea for anyone who suffers from dry, chaffed skin on their hands during the colder months.


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