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Sweater Weather: 12 Cozy Outfit Ideas

Do you have a favourite time of the year?

For some, it is summer because they just cannot get enough of the warm, summer sun beaming down on their skin…

For others, it is the winter because there is just something so calming about bundling up in layers and warming up by a bonfire with friends…

Or, you might be one of those people that just embrace each season as it arrives, because let’s be honest – each one has its perks.

Either way – now that fall is upon us, we can officially dress warmly for the next few months. The cool breeze is here to stay for a little while and that means it is time to pull out the sweaters and all your cozy garments that lie tucked away in storage for the majority of the year.

Check out a few cozy outfit ideas for this year’s sweater weather:

Leg Warmers

One of the best things about Autumn – and winter – is that you can pull out those adorable, knee-high boots that you save all year long just for this time of year.
But, while boots are cute unless they are like UGGs, they aren’t really all that warm.
So, throw on a pair of leg warmers under your boots – they will add extra warmth while still coming right outside the top of your boots and therefore adding a little jazz to your outfit.

Blanket Scarves

A scarf is one of the best ways to look fashionable while still being warm and cozy.
Blanket scarves have revolutionized the scarf world. They are big, warm, and super versatile.
A blanket scarf is definitely a staple clothing article for your fall wardrobe.
Try wrapping it around you like a shawl and then add a belt at the waist to really switch things up.

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Oversized Sweaters

It wouldn’t really be sweater weather if you aren’t wearing a sweater, right?
Oversized sweaters are just about always in style, and here’s a little secret…
They are great for layering! You can easily throw on a long sleeve shirt under your favorite oversized sweater and nobody will know the difference. Meanwhile, you will be nice and warm.

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Layered Clothing

For those days where you do want the layered look…
Grab a nice jean jacket and wear it over your favorite long-sleeve plaid shirt.
If it is really cold outside, you could also throw on a V-neck under your plaid shirt for an extra layer. 


Every girl should own at least one good pair of leggings. For sweater weather, throw on some leggings with your leg warmers, favorite boots or some great sneakers, and that perfect oversized sweater and your perfect cozy outfit will be complete!

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Do you remember being forced to wear turtlenecks as a child?
Maybe you thought they were a thing of the past.
They have made their way back and are actually very fashionable – from a loose turtleneck t-shirt to a turtleneck sweater – by keeping your neck warm, the rest of you will feel even warmer.

Overall Dress

Of course, this doesn’t sound like the warmest clothing idea, but all you have to do is add a little flair. Throw on a great velvet overall dress with a long-sleeve shirt underneath and some leggings for an adorable cozy outfit idea!


Aside from sweaters themselves, cardigans are the perfect closet staple item for sweater weather. You can easily mix and match cardigans with several different shirts and scarves for a new and revitalized, but warm look.

Knit Gloves

I don’t know about you, but my hands are just about always cold – and gloves are the perfect solution. Grab a great pair of knit gloves with a versatile pattern to add a little warmth and flair to your cozy outfit.

Rubber Boots

These don’t exactly sound fashionable, but rubber boots – such as those sold by Sperry’s – are quite fashionable in today’s society.
But, they are also incredibly practical as they will help keep your feet warm even in wet conditions.

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Infinity Scarf

So, since you likely aren’t wearing your blanket scarf as an actual scarf, you will still need the perfect fashion accessory to keep your neck warm. This is where an infinity scarf comes in.
An infinity is just that – it is infinite. It doesn’t have a cut in it like a normal scarf. Rather, an infinity scarf is in an infinite circle. It can be wrapped around twice for extra thickness.

Trench Coat

The trench coat is a classic look that has stood the test of time.
If you work in a professional setting, a classic – and solid colored – trench coat is a closet must-have. You can easily leave it unbuttoned and untied if there isn’t a breeze, or you can completely close it up for a warmer look.

Either way – you will look professional and put together all the while.

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When it comes to dressing for sweater weather, it is all about getting cozy. Bundling up and staying warm is the key to being fashionable and comfortable when the colder weather days arrive.

Let me hear your thoughts: What are your favorite cozy outfit ideas for this fall? Share your ideas in the comment section below.


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