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A while ago I was asked if I would be interested in contributing to an infographic that was being produced by Hillarys blinds. The idea was that Hillarys were putting together a useful guide to a how to create a perfect Zen bedroom environment, a place that would make relaxing and getting to sleep easy.

I was asked for my thoughts on how colour can affect the calm of a bedroom, and which colours in particular would be good if you were looking to create an Oasis of calm, and which would be best avoided if you wanted to avoid restless nights. You can read the whole infographic here,  (click on each icon to check out all the different insights), my section is pictured below.

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I talked about how neutral tones are soothing and peaceful, or how colours that sea blues can transport you to the calm of the ocean. I told how you should avoid colours like deep reds and oranges, as these are like a shock to the senses, and are more likely to keep you awake and alert than lull you off to the land of Nod.

The rest of the infographic has also been put together by lifestyle bloggers, and deals with lighting, furniture, scents, the view, plants, electronics in the bedroom and clutter – literally everything that could be affecting your ability to get a good nights sleep.

What tips would you give for a perfect bedroom environment? If you are struggling to get to sleep – maybe your room is part of the problem?

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4 thoughts on “Bedroom Environment insights with Hillarys

  1. I’ve never thought too much into colour choices of my bedroom decor affecting my sleeping habits. I’m actually a little bit of a hoarder so my room is quite cluttered but that is actually what keeps me a little more calm and cosy rather than lots of open space.

  2. Oh thats fab! Perfect subject for me! I love bedrooms and your thoughts are amazing!Lighting is so important in bedroom especially natural light and blinds are amazing to control that!

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