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Can A Memory Foam Mattress Help You Keep Warm?

As energy prices continue to rise, you’re probably looking for ways to reduce your dependence on central heating. Switching to a memory foam mattress is an easy and comfortable way to stay warm at night without cranking up the thermostat.

The unique structure of memory foam helps retain body heat, creating a cosy nest that can keep you toasty all night long.

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How memory foam traps heat

Memory foam is made from polyurethane with added chemicals that increase viscosity and density. The foam compresses when pressure is applied to memory foam, such as your body weight while lying on it.

The material softens from your body heat, moulding to your shape. When you change positions and relieve pressure from an area, the foam slowly returns to its original form.

This compression and reshaping of memory foam affects how it responds to heat. As the foam compresses under your body, the air pockets collapse. Your body heat has less room to dissipate and gets trapped within the foam, keeping you surrounded in warmth. It also prevents heat transfer, much like insulation.

The effect is simple – memory foam keeps you warm in bed. And no, it doesn’t get sweaty and uncomfortable in summer because all you do is use a summer duvet (or on the hottest nights, you can use no duvet).

The different types of memory foam mattresses

Pictured: Sleepeezee G2 Memory Mattress, with luxurious pillow top layer, 20mm of Graphite Memory Foam, 100% British wool layers, handmade in the UK from the very finest British materials.

Now, if you want a mattress that leverages the heat-trapping effects of memory foam, then you have a few options:

  • All foam mattresses are constructed entirely from layers of memory foam. Many all-foam beds have a top comfort layer of softer memory foam, with denser foam in the support layers beneath. The thick foam layers excel at retaining heat.
  • Hybrid mattresses combine memory foam with an innerspring system. The springs allow more airflow than solid foam, while the memory foam layers still hug your body to conserve warmth.
  • Pocket spring mattresses have each spring coil wrapped in fabric rather than all interconnected. This allows better contouring from the memory foam layer. The fabric-wrapped coils provide good insulation to retain heat.

You can’t go wrong with an all-foam, hybrid, or pocket spring mattress, providing you get one with a memory foam comfort layer.

Types of memory foam

There are a few different types of memory foam, each with unique properties:

  • Standard memory foam is the original material made with polyurethane. It provides great body contouring and heat retention.
  • Gel memory foam has cooling gels infused into the foam to help prevent overheating. The gel can distribute heat more evenly.
  • Charcoal memory foam uses activated charcoal to absorb moisture and odours. The charcoal also improves airflow to reduce heat buildup.

Tips for maximum warmth

To get the most heat retention from your new memory foam mattress, here are a few tips:

  • Choose a higher-density foam that will compress tightly under your body weight.
  • Add a mattress topper for extra thickness of body-moulding foam.
  • Use an insulated mattress pad or electric blanket to boost the bed’s warmth.
  • Wear warm pyjamas and socks to bed to maintain body heat.
  • Make sure your room has adequate insulation and seal any drafts.
  • Keep blankets and comforters tucked around the mattress to reduce heat loss.
  • Use a duvet rated for winter, such as a 13.5 tog hollowfibre duvet – this will trap more heat than an all-season duvet.

Stay comfortable and lower your bills   

With the right memory foam mattress keeping you cosy at night you can lower your thermostat settings and sleep soundly.

The insulation of memory foam traps heat next to your body, reducing reliance on your home heating system. Keeping your bedroom cooler and sleeping on a memory foam mattress can significantly save energy costs as temperatures drop this winter – all while letting you sleep deeply, wrapped in the warmth of your new memory foam bed.

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