Chocolate And Wine – Who Could Resist!

Easter is almost upon us, and if there is one thing that can be guarenteed, it’s that we are going to be eating our own body weight in chocolate, simply because it it the one time of the year that it is allowed, the one time of the year when an egg for breakfast doesn’t mean scrambled or fried, it means Cadbury.

Whether you are a fan of the traditional Easter Egg, or whether you prefer a Lindt Bunny, or a box of something delightful from Hotel Chocolat, Easter is the perfect time to indulge in a sweet treat.

Gift specialists Giftsonline4U have been thinking about all those eggs we are going to be enjoying, and have compiled a fab post and infographic teaming some of our favourite chocolate choices with the perfect wine accompaniment. They have selected a range of eggs, from white chocolate varieties, dark chocolate, and even the much loved Rolo egg, and have then matched them to the perfect wine. I must say I am totally tempted by the white chocolate and Asti partnership – particularly as I have a nice bottle chilling in the fridge.

I have to say I really agree with the pairings. The sweet caramel of the Rolo’s would be perfect with the also sweet, but very crisp taste of the Reisling ( make sure it is chilled for extra deliciousness). Sherry is far too good to save for Christmas, and it’s deep rich flavour would work so well against the slight bitterness of ginger from the Green and Black brand. And as for Port, this is an absolute fave of mine and would be just delicious with a rich, deep dark chocolate – a sort of decadent, grown up pairing which might be just the treat for the man in your life.

With Easter promising to be a wet and wild, even a snowy affair, indulging in some delicious chocolate with a glass of wine may just be the best way to enjoy the break.

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