Spring Into Action: Seasonal Jobs That Will Make Your Home Look Sensational

Lighter, longer days are finally on the way. If you’re counting down the days until summer, it’s a good idea to spring into action and make sure your home is ready for warmer climes. Here are some seasonal jobs to tick off your list.

Spring cleaning

Spring has arrived, and what better time to give your home a deep clean and get rid of clutter you don’t want or need? Go through all your cupboards and closets, make piles of things you want to keep, sell or chuck, and then clean the floors and surfaces. Vacuum the carpets, polish your furniture and give the bathroom a thorough going over. Nobody really enjoys cleaning, but it can be very therapeutic, especially if you tend to hoard stuff over the winter months. Once you’ve tidied the entire house and your rooms are light, airy and spacious rather than laden with boxes, books, and miscellaneous items, you’ll feel much better.

Guttering and drainage

Have you noticed that your drains seem to struggle when it rains for a period of time? Are your gutters stuffed full of leaves or dirt? Have you spotted puddles in the basement? If you’ve got issues related to drainage or you’re worried about the risk of water damage if it rains heavily, it’s a good idea to contact experts like those from restorationeze. If there are blockages or you’ve got a leak, it’s best to take action as early as possible to prevent more extensive damage further down the line.

Clearing the yard

Spring traditionally brings warmer, more temperate weather, and many of us like to get out into the garden as frequently as possible. If your yard has been neglected during the winter, and it needs a little TLC, now is the time to roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty. Start by clearing the yard, removing rubbish and sweeping leaves. Weed your planters and flower beds, lay down some compost ready for planting and wipe down garden furniture. If you have wooden decking or fencing, it’s wise to invest in some varnish and apply a coat to protect the wood and increase its longevity. Once you’ve done the menial, more mundane jobs, you can focus on making your yard look the part by planting bulbs and sowing seeds, filling planters and mowing the lawn. If you are planning to get the lawnmower out, try and wait for a dry day. If you’re looking for inspiration for garden designs or you’re keen to add some color to the yard this spring, flick through some magazines and have a look at sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Spring is finally here, and what better time to get your house in order and ensure you’re ready to enjoy those long, hazy days? Spring clean your home, declutter, clear your gutters and seek expert help if your drains are blocked, or you’ve spotted signs of a leak. As warmer days approach, spend a little time clearing the back yard and making your garden look gorgeous.

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