Choosing The Perfect Venue For Your Party Or Event

Whether it be for a personal event, like a special birthday party or a wedding/wedding reception, or whether you organise corporate events and gatherings, finding the right venue is a matter of the upmost importance. It is not just the matter of finding somewhere that you like the look of, you need to consider location, size of venue and catering in order to make your event go smoothly.

Here are some of the things that might make your search for the perfect venue go much easier.

Seek Some Help

When looking for a party venues, you may sometimes feel like you can’t see the wood for the trees, there is just so much choice. That’s where a site like Square Meal could be very useful. Square Meal has a whole host of venues on its site, covering the whole of the UK, and has sorted them by area, and by style – whether they are traditional venues, or something more cool and contemporary. You can use the Square Meal concierge service to find a venue that suits both your needs and budget, and allows you then to make a shortlist of possibles that you can then visit and consider.

Square Meal looks at venues for all sorts of events, and can save you hours and hours that you might spend searching the net. You can even look at venues that serve food or have catering options so that you might be able to cross another task from your list.


Location is so important when you are choosing a venue for your party or event. You need to look carefully at the transport links to your venue, is it easy to access from the motorway, or by public transport? Easy accessibility can be even more crucial in Winter when weather can be temperamental, and make more remote venues difficult to reach. A party will only go with a swing if people can get there, so even though that remote country house might sound brilliant, this may not be so true on a cold, snowy, January night.


The size of your venue is also very important. If you choose somewhere too big, your guests will rattle around the place like marbles in a bottle. However, if you choose somewhere too small, the event risks being rammed, which can make it hot and uncomfortable for those in attendance.

Look at how many people can be comfortably seated if your event involves eating, and the size of the dance floor if you have music or entertainment planned. You may also want to check how many bars the venue has, an event can be easily spoiled if people are having to spend most of the night queuing for drinks.

Style and Decor

If you are planning a special event, you may have decided to go with a theme, maybe something like a Peaky Blinders party or A Great Gatsby event. If this is the case, you may look for a venue with decor that also suits your theme, something more traditional, or with an Art Deco look.

For a 18th or 21st birthday party, the venue you choose could be ultra modern and high tech, whilst afternoon tea style catering works best in a chintzy, traditional style setting.

Whatever your event or party, there are some amazing venues to choose from, just make a checklist of what you actually want before you make any definite bookings.