Party Hints And Tips For The Host With The Most

Planning a perfect party isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to source a great venue, create a guest list, make sure your food and drink selection is tasty and memorable, and decide on your entertainment, then everything else should be fine. Your party should be one that is talked about for years, whether it be for your birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, hell, people are even holding divorce parties these days.


Your venue is important, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Many people are holding parties in their own gardens these days, using a marquee that can be hired just for the event. If you would rather that the noise and mess (let’s be honest here) was away from your own home, there are places like community centres and village halls that can be hired at a reasonable cost. If you have more budget for the venue, you could look at local hotels which often have function rooms to hire. A hotel can often also organise your entertainment and your catering too, which could take away some of the planning for you.

Food And Drink

Even if you decide to host your party at home, it does not mean that you have to spend the day leading up to it making sandwiches. An outside catering firm can address a whole host of catering needs or themes, and can even bring staff if you decide to have your food served as well as catered for.  You can set the budget for your food, being as frugal or as lavish as you decide, and you can ensure that the food will be up to a fabulous level, leaving you just to enjoy your party.

Drink is equally, if not even more important. Even if you are having a paid bar, it is classy and stylish to have some sort of drink as a toast. Champagne is popular, but I think a good wine that suits the taste of the host is even better. I source my wine from Independent Wine, who are an importer of boutique fine wine from Italy, including a rather classy range of Prosecco which makes a good toast, or could be used for cocktails if you have a specific theme. Gin Fizz anyone?


Your choice of entertainment should be a reflection of your taste. Want to dance the night away? Then a DJ would be a good choice. Like something a little bit more refined? How about a swing band. Totally fun-loving and love a bit of a sing along? Then you can’t really go wrong with karaoke. The choice really is all yours, it’s your party after all. I know a couple who held their own rave for their engagement party and totally loved it, and another couple who had a mini festival for their joint 40th birthdays.


Your party should reflect you, and should leave everyone having had the best of times, and that includes you. After all, who wants tears on their special day?