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Clarks Originals – still a style classic

When it comes to a shoe that is also a design classic, you would have to look a long way to beat the Clarks Desert boots. This year, the iconic boot is celebrating 65 years since the first pair went on sale, and they are looking as good as ever. This is the shoe (ok boot) that was beloved of the Mods, the Rudeboys, and claims to be the world’s most traveled boot. It can never be anything but the height of cool.

Clarks_vintage_Desert_Boot_advertIn celebration of this most iconic of footwear, I was asked if my better half would be interested in reviewing a pair of Desert Boots from the current Clarks collection. This was a bit of a silly question. Pete just happens to be a Desert boots aficionado – they are his footwear of choice and he currently has around 10 pairs (and counting). He has leather pairs, suede pairs, beige pairs, brown pairs, even a pair of blue suede shoes (I mean boots…Elvis just popped into my head for some reason there.). This time around, Pete decided to try a nubuck option, in the Stone option that seems so fresh for Spring/Summer.

 Desert Boot Stone Nubuck Mens Originals Boots £95 click to visit Clarks

Desert Boot Stone Nubuck Mens Originals Boots



I have to say these are a glorious pair of boots.The colour is super unusual and the nubuck suede is very soft and pliable which makes it a comfortable option, even during warmer days or if being worn for a long period of time. The design is the classic boot cut, but with the addition of a cute dotted lining which adds a touch of interest, and makes the boots stand out from the Desert Boots that are now imitating the originals all over the High Street.

DSCN6862[1]How would you style them? We decided to go with retro inspiration from the Mods and early 1980s by teaming the boots with a Fila Classic polo top from Terraces, and retro Wrangler vintage jeans. This is a great smart/casual option, but you could also opt for lighter coloured denim or cords with these, and they could be made more formal with a shirt and jacket.


DSCN6852[1]Clarks Desert Boots are amongst the most hard-wearing boots you/your other half will ever wear, and they look pretty good too. I’m guessing they will still be around in another 65 years.




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