Comfort And Luxury In A Lockdown World.

January is always cold. It is always a month when many of us would love to hibernate away from the dark days and cold nights, a month that really suffers from losing the sparkle and lights of Christmas, and still seems a long way away from Spring. This January though, it is even darker still, with another lockdown looming and frankly no real lights at the end of the tunnel for some time yet.

We have to do all we can to lift our spirits, and if home has to be our destination, then it can also be our comfort zone, our place of luxury as well as sanctuary. We can surround ourselves with comforting items of clothing, take baths in pampering bubbles, treat our skin to luxuries creams and wear soft cashmere to take our lounge wear to a new level. It’s our own version of what Grazia magazine terms ‘what’s keeping me sane now’.


Slippers have been my number one comfort item during lockdown. I choose to get dressed every day for my mental health, but if I’m not going out, each item is teamed with my slipper boots. I prefer a slipper boot than a normal pair of slippers has they also keep your ankles warm and protected too. Bedroom Athletics is the place to look for your slipper boots has they have them in a range of colours, styles and sizes and use a range of fabrics including chenille, faux fur and fleece.

wearing my slipper boots over Christmas.


Cashmere is my number one fabric when it comes to warmth, comfort and luxury. The White Company is always my number one for Cashmere socks, which are a dream to wear. M&S does a great range of Cashmere jumpers and cardigans that wash beautifully and come in a glorious range of bright colours that are perfect for lifting the spirits, whilst Cashmere also works well for your outdoor wear, nothing is softer than a cashmere hat from Deane and White. I wear this all the time when I’m out as some hats sometimes make my head itch, but Cashmere never does.

My fave Cashmere hat.

Pampering Bath and Body

A long soak in a sudsy bath filled with your favourite bubbles, and then complemented with your favourite body lotions can up you to relax and unwind, even when you are feeling very wound up after a day of home schooling and home working. My favourite bath product of all is Molton Brown’s Blissful Templetree bath and shower gel which is award winning and reminds me of tropical climes and better days. I also love Elemis  Frangipani Monoi Body Cream which leaves my skin feeling really nourished and protected against the elements.

Which little bits of luxury do you add to your day to day to improve your mood and help you to relax and unwind?

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