Creating a mini Wembley Stadium in your Garden

Ask any young football fan what their ultimate dream is, and, chances are they will mention scoring the winning goal in a World Cup final with the match held at Wembley Stadium. But although the chance of becoming a modern day Geoff Hurst is pretty slim, that doesn’t mean that all those budding Ronaldo’s and Messi’s should give up on their dreams altogether.

If you can’t get to Wembley, then maybe Wembley should come to you. Any garden has the capacity to become your very own Wembley Stadium, after all it only needs four sides and corners, and garden fences and walls already give the feeling of a stadium. These days, rather than using jumpers for goalposts, you can actually buy a pretty good set of goalposts, and maybe even two. The good news is that the latest range of pop up football goals are easy enough to erect by just one person in double quick time, and, because they are pop up, they are actually easy to move and transport around. Many sets will easily fit into a car boot, so they can be transported to the park, beach or any open play space. They can also be packed away and stored if you decide you want to use your garden space for a different purpose, taking up very little room in your garden shed or storage space. Once you want to use the goal again, the process is simple – no need for assembly or tools.

It is always a good idea to get your kids playing outside, rather than stuck in front of a games console, and pop up goals are a great way to encourage sport and exercise through actually playing football for real; rather than just playing it on Fifa 17. With goals coming in a range of sizes, these will work for children of all age ranges, and gardens of all sizes. The goals are also a great option for mini sports teams and junior football leagues as they are both transportable and affordable – if you practice on a park with no permanent goals, these are a reliable and practical idea.

If you are considering turning your garden into your very own Wembley Stadium, I can definitely recommend the Samba goals. We got a set of these for my son Joe’s last birthday. These are easy to erect yet have thick posts that are sturdy enough for those shots that hit the bar or post (my lad has won the crossbar challenge on more than one occasion and the goal is still standing.) If you are still unsure, Stadia Sports have a great phone or email service where you can put all your questions to an expert in order to ensure you get the right goals for your child, helping them to achieve their own sporting goals in the process.

With the football season just about to begin for thousands of junior football league teams, and now in full flow for the Premier League and EFL, now is the right time to invest in your own set of workable goals.

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19 thoughts on “Creating a mini Wembley Stadium in your Garden

  1. I’m in the US, so we’re the heathens that refer to the sport as soccer. My 4 year old has recently started playing and loves it!

  2. My daughter loves loves loves any type of ball. She throws them and plays with them for hours. If I discover later on that she likes to kick them too, I will definitely try this out!

  3. This sounds like a great idea for my toddler! He always loves to run around and why not get them started when they’re young.

  4. My son would love this! He’s been wanting to get into sports this year and I think having this in the garden would be a great way to practice.

  5. My Son would love this in our back yard. I will have to get the supplies I need on the weekend.

  6. This is a great idea.My son loves to play with balls,he is still a starter.But,I’d love such a project to create a stadium appearance for him!

  7. Sounds like an easy and simple setup for having my child play football in the yard. I know my daughter would love something like that to play with around with friends.

  8. The Stadia Sports pop up goals sounds amazing for any kids games. I know these would work great and be durable enough for my nephews. Thanks for shairng the information.

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