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Custom Clothing Online

In this modern era of High Street fashion brands promoting fleeting trends, truly unique personalised clothing has become almost obsolete. Perhaps that is why the customisation boom has proven to be anything but a fad.

Many shoppers strive to reclaim the elusive element of individuality by mixing and matching style items, but the creativity afforded by that practice is all too limited.

Enter the website – an online shop dedicated to unleashing the imagination of the public by providing the means to create clothing printed or embroidered using the shopper’s own artwork.

Printed T-Shirts For All Seasons

Today, the vast majority of people, both male and female, each own a number of printed t-shirts to be worn on a casual day-to-day basis. Put simply, the t-shirt is a universally popular garment; a comfortable, stylish clothing item which is suitable to be worn in all seasons.

Therefore, the front area of the printed t-shirt has very much become a modern day canvas, upon which ideas and identities are expressed. The most effective and personal way for shoppers to utilise this is to create and print designs using their own artwork.


The Benefits of Custom Printed Workwear

Not only does the service provided at help shoppers to strive towards greater individuality, but it also has professional applications.

Large corporate businesses, small startup enterprises and sole traders alike require strong brand identities in this day and age. Logo-bearing printed polo shirts make great informal uniforms and are a particularly classy way to encourage staff members, and even customers, to spread the word about a business.


Other branded items such as embroidered towels, printed jackets and personalised printed socks make excellent corporate gifts to clients and provide a long-lasting reminder that the business is committed to customer care.

Printed Activewear Beats The Competition

For sports teams and clubs of all creeds, the uniform is a vital element of the collective’s identity. Personalised rugby shirts with the club’s unique crest proudly on display shows the opposition that this is a serious team which is certainly not to be messed with. When combined with printed shorts and socks to form a full kit, these shirts give the team a professional appearance which sets them apart from the competition.

The increased popularity of running and cycling recently, triggered by great public interest in the thrilling 2012 Olympic games, has sent sales of sportswear skyrocketing. Embroidered t-shirts adorning the initials of the wearer are ideal for both training and competing, adding an unrivaled personal touch on or off the track.

Personalised shorts, by the same token, represent a further customisation option for athletes, professional and amateur alike. Whether emblazoned with the emblem of a sports club or simply the wearer’s initials or team number, printed shorts allow the athlete to proudly don their colours and stand out as a worthy competitor.

Suffice to say, the applications of custom printed clothing items are endless.

For more information on the full Dazzlewear range please visit the website:


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