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Dashboard Advice for New Drivers

So you’ve just got your driving license and have thrown away those ‘L’ plates with glee. The next step is to get your first car and to get yourself out on the open road, enjoying that sense of freedom that can only come from getting your own set of wheels. All goes well, until suddenly you have a flashing light on your dashboard and ask that immortal question ‘what the hell does that mean?’ Is it a minor issue or a major problem? Do I need to get to a garage straight away, or is it just telling me it’s due for a service? Seasoned drivers can still sometimes panic about warning lights on the dashboard that they don’t recognise, so for a new driver, this can be a nightmare.


Go Girl Insurance offer car insurance to younger drivers, those generally aged between 17 – 30 years old and enjoying their first experiences of driving. They have recently put together a fun, but informative infographic about those pesky warning lights that can suddenly start flashing on the dashboard, including some of the most obscure, tricky ones that you may not have ever seen before. Go Girl offer some great deals on insurance, as a young driver, saving money is always important so it may be worth getting a quote from Go Girl for a young driver insurance quote .


The infographic, which you can see in full here, also gives information about the colour that the light flashes in, so that you understand that green and blue are for information, whilst red is a much more serious proposition, red is always for danger and the same is true when it comes to your car. Service issues can be indicated by an orange and yellow light.

Ultimately, when you see a warning light on your dashboard that you don’t recognise, it is best to consult your car manual for full information, but this fun guide is well worth bookmarking for a quick glance of information.


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