Decluttering Your House of Tech And Gadgets

Today’s households will usually have a dozen or so gadgets at any one time.

These devices have become indispensable for everyday life- when communicating with family members, for work purposes and when relaxing after a stressful day.

As such, we’re always on the lookout for the newest smartphone or laptop with the latest features.

But there’s just one problem – where do we out our old tech?

The answer? Recycle them responsibly and you can save the environment while earning a few quid along the way.

The Best Way To Start The De-Cluttering Process

How should you start de-cluttering? Easy. Gather all the stuff you, your family and pets aren’t using and put them all in a pile. Divide the whole into two piles- the ones that can still be used and the other for disposal. Along the way, pair up gadgets with their corresponding adapter, cable and accessories.

Desktops, Laptops and Equipment

Try and see if your old laptop or PC still works. Any computer accessory or equipment, including printers, monitors and USB devices should be plugged in and tested for functionality. If a keyboard, a mouse or a USB fan doesn’t work, put them in a box for later disposal.

Video Games, Installers and Music CDS

Put installation CDs and DVDs in the “dispose” pile if the hardware for it is no longer in your possession. Keep ones that have precious memories. Look up a movie or collector’s item online and see if they’re worth a lot of money when you sell them on eBay or Amazon.

Chargers and Cables

Pick a device and pair it with the right cable and adapter. For organizing purposes, you can attach a tag so you’ll know where they go, e.g., Mom’s iPhone 6 Charger. Keep the rest you won’t be using in a box, then dispose of the ones you haven’t used in 6 months or so.

Small Appliances, Peripherals and Radio

After you’ve gone through handhelds, game consoles and mobile phones, you’re probably left with old tech such as remotes, DVD players, speakers, radios and hearing aids. Take out the battery and reset to factory default before selling, donating or putting them up as a hand-me-down.

Afterwards, you’ll have a pile for what you intend to keep and the ones you won’t need anymore. Now, how will you declutter? We have a few suggestions you might find useful.

Responsible Recycling

To recycle in a sustainable manner, don’t just put your old tech in the bin. These items usually end up in landfill and contribute to polluting the environment. Instead, try these things:

Sell Old Gadgets Online

If your electronics are still functioning, you can try selling them online. Amazon, eBay and Facebook are just some of the most popular platforms where people can list up their phones, tablets, laptops and collector’s goods.

Alternately, sites such as Plunc offer real-time payment for relatively new goods, including Xbox Ones, Playstation 4s, Apple Watches, iPhone X as soon as they get your item.

Recycle and Get Store Credit

Global companies such as Samsung, HP, Apple, Motorola, Lenovo and Dell have come up with recycling programs in order to reduce electronics going on landfills. Individuals who want to contribute to greener solutions can bring their old gadgets and items to an accredited store and exchange them for money or discount towards a new purchase.

For large, heavy items such as TVs, CRT monitors, printers and fax machines, call up your local recycling center and have them pick your stuff up. It’s free and gives you more space to work around in.

Think Of Giving Your Gadgets As Gifts

Your old, working gadget can still be used by people who’ll treat it the same way you did when it was brand-new.

Gather up the wires and adapter and give it to your neighbor, office co-worker or favorite niece or nephew as a hand-me-down. Local organizations and charitable institutions such as schools, welfare centers, hospitals and shelters should be able to make use of your old laptop, tablet, radio or gaming console.

In the process of decluttering, all it takes is time, patience and knowing how you can best recycle your old tech. You stand to gain money on one or two-year old gadgets and save the environment by reducing carbon footprint. More importantly, you can reuse or repurpose an old item and give it a new lease in life instead of just throwing it out.

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