Disney Crazy

Like  millions of other people, my family are a bit Disney crazy. We love the films (Snow White being my personal favourite), the shows and Disney on Ice, which we have seen on numerous occasions. I visited Disneyland Paris quite a few years ago, and fell in love with the castle, the characters and the sheet exhilaration that you just cannot escape anywhere in that magical place. Disney is synonymous with magical stories and adventure, and I am truly smitten.

Disney Magic

With my sis at Disneyland Paris

With my sis at Disneyland Paris


At Disney on Ice

At Disney on Ice


Recently I have been thinking about taking Joe to one of the Disney Parks, but the question is, which one? My Voucher Codes  who frequently offer great savings on holidays and breaks, including those at Disney Parks, recently put together a great infographic to help you choose the best Disney park for you and your family. The infographic looked at such details as ticket price information, the amount of restaurants and hotels as well as the number of attractions. It also gives information about some of the lesser known Disney resorts – I genuinely had no clue that there was a Disneyland in Japan, nor did I know about the one in Hong Kong.








My Voucher Codes General Manager Chris Reilly says about the Disney Parks:

“Visiting Disney is pretty much on the wish list of millions of children and adults around the world, with 6 different parks across the world; from America to Tokyo, Paris to Hong Kong, and now the latest park in Shanghai where you can meet all your favourite Disney characters, it’s an experience you don’t want to miss.”

2 thoughts on “Disney Crazy

  1. Great infographic! My friends are at Disney Word in Florida at the moment and I love seeing their pictures.

  2. We are also huge Disney fans! I think beauty and the beast is my favourite but it’s hard to choose, haha. My voucher codes is great! The infographic is very helpful! I wouldn’t know which park to pick either, haha. Great post. xx

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