Pink Clove Angila Dress Review

Pink Clove is a brand which exemplifies just how far plus size clothing has moved on in the last few years. From smock style butterfly covered tents, we now have clothes which flatter the form and the body, and celebrate curves rather than attempting to hide them. Pink Clove is totally fashion led, going up to a size 28, and using the key styles and colour trends from the current season. Pink Clove is fashion – it’s as simple as that.

I was recently asked if I wanted to do a review of something from the current Pink Clove collection, and I chose the Angila Panelled Front Plunge dress, which retails at £22 and goes up to a size 28. This is very much a bodycon styled dress in a scuba, mid weight thick fabric. I chose this because it is a colour that I have been told works well on my skintone – I prefer brights in general but really wanted to test how good this would look, and also because I liked the front plunge detail – having a big bust I really like a v neckline.


Pink Clove Plus Angila Panelled Front Plunge Dress £22 

The first thing I want to say is that you may need to size up with this dress. The fabric is thick and it is the sort of dress you have to shoe-horn yourself into, it is also forgiving of any lumps and bumps. Going up a size would allow for a pair of Spanx which may help you achieve the perfect hourglass figure this dress is crying out for. That said, the fabric also helps create perfect curves as it keeps everything firmly in place. The front detail – which my husband kindly described as an apron, is actually another flattering feature for those who want to disguise a bigger stomach.



This dress is undoubtedly glamorous, and certainly makes you feel that way too. It has a sort of Kim Kardashian feel, clinging to all your curves and totally crying out to be teamed with heels. I added a vintage 1950s clutch bag and beads, along with Biba animal print stiletto’s to finish my outfit. I think you could also add colour – with red being a good clash for the beige of the dress.



I was surprised with the quality of the dress and the fabric used for just £22. Pink Clove is definitely a place to look for fashion forward, affordable pieces that you can wear again and again.


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  1. ok wow this looks so much better on you than on it looked on the model (no offence to the model- just love the fit on you!) such a gorgeous dress, love how you styled it too! xx

  2. Oooh I’ve never heard of Pink Cove, I’ll have to check it out as that is a fab dress!

  3. That dress looks so lovely and really does suit you. The colour is nice and autumnal.

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