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Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy lights up Birmingham

Mickey Mouse was back in town last night, bringing a whole raft of his friends with him. Yes, Disney on Ice was in Birmingham at the LG Arena with a brand new show. As usual it was a spectacle that was enjoyed by young and old, who were treated to some exhilarating dance, fabulous costumes and a whole lot of wholesome fun.


The newest show is Worlds of Fantasy. Micky, Minnie, Donald and Goofy embark on a road trip that is curtailed when their car breaks down. Cue the Disney favourites being transported to four different ‘worlds’ that include Radiator Springs, ‘Under the Sea’, the land of the fairies and Andy’s bedroom, and then the daycare centre from Toy Story.

The first set piece was actually my favourite. Having a five year old boy, it was wonderful to see the look on his face when the Mater introduced the ‘Cars’ from Radiator Springs to the ice. Lightning McQueen got the biggest cheer, and this was a really, high energy, exhilarating scene which had children all around the arena on their feet.  I don’t think I was the only one that wished that this segment had lasted a little longer.

Lightning McQueen


Next up was The Little Mermaid, and the underwater segment. Beautiful and bright, this was a lovely sequence with great skating displays. Ursula is a little frightening for younger members of the audience, but as true love wins through, all’s well that ends well.


The third segment is probably the weakest. The Tinkerbell story is quite a recent one, and although beautiful, with a truly magical fairy queen glistening whilst hanging suspended in the air, this is a scene that is crying out for something over-sized, cute and cuddly on the ice. There is not so much of a sense of spectacle about this scene, it looks great, but also a little small scale.



And finally we have a real audience favourite, with Andy off to college and the toys sent to Daycare. Of course I’m talking about Toy Story, and, in particular, the story from Number three. This was just brilliant, Hamm, the Potato Heads and Re and Slinky Dog all thrilled with their antics on the ice. Woody made a fabulous hero and the songs from the movie were used to great effect – getting all the crowd on their feet and clapping along. This was the perfect finale to another wonderful, Disney filled night.

Springy dog



Disney on Ice World’s of Fantasy is at the LG Arena until Sunday 16th March. Click here for ticket information.

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