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Does your Outfit fit the Occasion?

Okay so none of us would wear a crop top to a funeral, high heels to a marathon or a boiler suit to a nightclub, bet there’s no denying the fact that all of us have encountered occasional (or even frequent!) problems with dressing exactly right for the occasion. Here’s a little of the wisdom we’ve picked up over the years which should hopefully help you out in the future…

Dressing for a first date

Perhaps the number #1 appropriate dressing bugbear for the women of the world is just how to dress for that all-important first date. The answer to the question often lies in the personality of the person you’re meeting up with.

If it’s a blind date, it’s best to hedge your bets with a smart-casual outfit – we’re talking Whistles/Reiss kind of territory here, and cool or quirky dresses and skirts which put across your personal taste without suggesting this date is the be-all-and-end-all of your life. If you turn up in a designer gown, nine times out of ten you’ll freak the fella out by appearing over-keen.

So what if you know just what the guy is like? If he’s a slouchy and cool type, again it’s best not to over-do it, but then again you’d be surprised at how many rough-around-the-edges men expect women to look a whole lot more done-up. Or what if your date is more the smart casual/suit-wearing type…? In this instance, a dressier frock may be a better match for the classy date you’ll hopefully be heading on!


A Girls’ night out

Of course, a girls’ night out deserves way more attention than a date with some bloke. Your girls are probably all into the same dresses, skirts, etc. as you are, so your way to stand out on a girls’ night out is by accessorising. Check out some fab clutches to take with you to the bingo, or if you can’t be bothered dressing up then you can always experience the social side of bingo online too! If you’re going clubbing try fluro jewellery and nail varnish to ensure you dazzle under the disco lights.


Going for that dream job

If you’re preparing for that dream job interview, you’ll need to look the part in order to impress your future employers! A pencil skirt, pastel blouse and smart jacket will ensure you look suitably professional without forcing yourself to dress like a drone! Dressing right can really be the difference between landing that great job and failing to make an impression.


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