Doll Smash Mascara: Are You An Icon Or A Rebel?

If there is one item in my make up bag that I can’t live without, it would have to be mascara. And when it comes to choosing a mascara, I only ever wear one colour, the blackest of black. This is partly because, as a blonde, I have very light lashes, but I love the look of a smoky eye with sleek, luxurious black mascara making the lashes look thicker and longer.

Luxurious make up brand Doll Smash are a bit of a favourite on this blog (check them out in a previous post here). They create beautiful cosmetics generally, but this Summer they are asking you to let them love your lashes with the introduction of two new mascaras, Icon, and Rebel. Both promise you flawless lashes, and use anti clump technology to ensure they separate the lashes to give you a glamorous look that will stay looking great all day long.

My personal favourite is Rebel as I love the thicker brush which really adds volume to my rather light, thin lashes. Rebel is all about volume, and you really feel that it is plumping up those lashes and making them appear thicker. It lasts brilliantly well – I only applied it once in the morning and it lasted well all day. I found the curve of the brush allowed for really easy, and quick application, something that can be important if you apply your make up on the run in the morning.

The mascara is a waterproof blend (great, if, like me, you’re prone to watery eyes) and is also flake free. In a word, it’s brilliant, and it stays put.

The second new launch this Summer is Icon, so called because it is iconic. I think this is perfect for those that already have long, beautiful lashes and just want to show them to their very best advantage. It separates the lashes to give them a natural look, and is, again clump free and flake free. It is smudge proof, ensuring that you look great all day.

This Icon mascara comes in two shades, Obsidian and Deep Sapphire, and has a whole batch of 5/5 reviews from satisfied customers. I use this mascara for light coverage on days when I want a more natural look, teamed with a neutral eye shadow and it is just lovely, very light and comfortable to wear.

You can check out the whole range of Doll Smash products by visiting their website here.



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