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Dr Beckmann – keeping the colours fresh

I like my wardrobe to work hard for me, to earn its keep, but this means keeping the colours looking fresh and new, even after numerous washes. But, if I’m being honest, I don’t really tend to sort my washing properly. My sister is almost anal when it comes to sorting out her washing, putting all the like colours together into neat little piles that can then be washed together. Whereas I, on the other hand, have two piles – ‘whites’ and ‘coloureds’. This system usually works OK, but it can lead to disasters.

We all know of those times when suddenly everything in the washing machine has been tinged with a nice shade of pink. A lovely red item that you thought wouldn’t shed colour has done precisely that, and has basically ruined everything in it’s path. Or maybe it is more a baby blue, after that fabulous deep blue t-shirt decided to be ‘kind’ and share some of that vibrant colour. If any of these experiences have happened to you, then you may well think that Dr Beckmann Colour and Dirt Collector is the best invention ever.

 Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets Price: £3.20 click to visit Dr Beckmann
Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets
Price: £3.20 click to visit Dr Beckmann

The premise of the Colour and Dirt Collector is simple and yet genius. The website explains ‘This clever little Colour & Dirt Collector Cloth just needs to sit in your washing machine and every time you wash you know your clothes will be protected from colour runs, making sure your clothes stay brighter for longer. The cloth is perfect for those heavy washers with lots of multi-coloured wash loads, and not forgetting those times when a stray coloured sock sneaks into your white wash.’

I was interested to give this product a try. At £3.20 for a box of 30 disposable sheets, these are a much cheaper option than replacing ruined items from your wardrobe. In addition, they are really easy to use – you just place them in the back of the washing machine and then proceed with your wash as normal.

DSCN6652I used these with a wash that contained mainly dark items, deep indigo jeans, striped shirts, black t-shirts. All these items had been washed many times before, so I was not really expecting the sheet to pick anything up. I was therefore surprised that colour dye was transferred onto the sheet – there was, quite clearly, blue dye that had been shed from the washing. I have since used the sheets on other colour washes, and, on all occasions there have been noticeable transference of dye and colour from the wash.


I think this is a great product for those of us who admit to being a little lax when sorting out our washing. 30 washes can be served for just £3.20. Dr Beckmann products are available in most supermarkets and online at http://www.dr-beckmann.co.uk/

*I was sent this product for review – all opinions are my own.

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  • mummyShire

    I was sceptical of these but after an colour wash “accident” where I turned all the school shirts quite pink I gave these a go. It’s surprising to see how much the sheets pick up, and if it saves me having to buy a whole new set of school shirts its worth it!!

    • fashion-mommy

      That’s exactly how I felt, but they are really good, and, like you say, cheaper than having to replace clothing. Thanks for the comment.

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