Dreaming of beautiful houses

I often find myself dreaming about where I would live if I won the lottery. Now, this is a little silly in many ways, not least in that I rarely buy a lottery ticket, let alone win more than £10 (and that gets me excited – a win is a win, after all), but we can all fantasise, and I find most of my dreams concern houses and apartments, and even superyachts that I have seen on TV and films.

The country cottage

One case in point is my dream of a cottage in the country. I can’t be the only one who browsed cottages and country houses for sale after watching Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet house swap in The Holiday. This was the definitive chocolate box cottage, beautifully rustic in the midst of a perfect country setting. I loved this cottage, totally falling in love with it on the big screen, but the reality is that I already live in a semi-rural area and that sometimes drives me to distraction, so this cottage, although looking idyllic, would probably not be for me in reality.

The luxury New York Apartment

Much more suited would be Carrie and Big’s apartment in the first Sex and the City movie. You all know the one I mean, the one with the HUGE walk in wardrobe. Now, this one ticks so many boxes for me in terms of storage for my clothing and shoes, which do have a tendency to take over all available space. And of course, New York would be an amazing place to live. But, the lack of a garden is a bit of a deal breaker, even in my fantasy world, so it is back to the drawing board once again.

The Super yacht

Watching all the beautiful celebrities currently jetting off to Cannes, and then appearing on the decks of luxurious super yachts makes me long for a life on the ocean wave, full of sun soaked days of swimming, sunbathing and docking in interesting, cosmopolitan ports. Kate Moss seems to spend every summer doing just that, and maybe that’s the point – a great option for spending some part of the year, but not 365 days of it.

Desperate Housewives?

So then I come to the house that ticks all the boxes. Beautiful, with gorgeously decorated and furnished rooms and pretty landscaped gardens, the houses on Wisteria Lane are just perfect…although the murders that seemed to occur there at an astonishing rate are not such a plus point, so it could be back to the drawing board. Maybe I’ll take a look around the beautiful, peaceful village that is Midsummer…

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