Dreaming of London Living

Last week, the hubby and I spent a couple of really lovely days in London. We ate out, enjoyed a fabulous gig, and did a little bit of shopping, and just basically enjoyed all our capital city has to offer. I must admit it got me feeling a little wistful, because, before Joe was born, we had seriously considered moving to the capital, in fact, we had gone as far as applying for jobs, and I had lined up two jobs. Then, on the day that an interview for my dream job had dropped onto the mat,  I found out that I was going to have a baby, and all plans were put on hold. 6 years later, they are still on hold.

The dream is still there, and I regularly visit the capital, sometimes with Joe in tow (he loves it as much as I do – obsessed with the transport museum, the tube, Big Ben and Hamleys!). But finding the right property for sale in London can be difficult. If you saw this week’s edition of Location, Location, Location, you will have seen two couples struggling to find property in areas they liked, and could actually afford. It is worth getting in touch with an estate agent like Strutt and Parker and joining their mailing list if you are struggling with the property pages.

Fun times in London


Pete at Whiteleys.


One of my fave London places.


Ed’s Easy Diner with Joe.


Joe just loves the Tube.


First trip on the Tube.


Joe’s trip to London – he wanted to see Big Ben and it snowed!

But I do think it is a fabulous, vibrant city to live in, with plenty of positives that far outweigh any negative thoughts. My best friend and her husband have now lived in London for the past 7 years, and have rented accommodation all over the city, in Battersea, Clapham, Putney, and she is now living in a flat in Camberwell Green which they  hope to buy next year. Dawn loves the energy of the city, the abundance of night life, of places to eat, of markets like Borough Market which are just heaven for foodies (she is most definitely a foodie), and of all the open spaces and parks that are perfect for those ‘sunny afternoons’ The Kinks sang about. In short, I can’t see she would ever come back to the Midlands – London is most definitely home, and where the heart (now) is.

Spending time in London with Dawn


Shopping in Putney


At Harrods


At Harrods


At the Grace Kelly Exhibition


On Putney Bridge.

CIMG2120 - Copy

Joe’s first trip to London aged 5months.

So although, for the moment, I am happy where I’m living, I can’t say that I have abandoned my London dream completely. Who knows what the future will bring?


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15 thoughts on “Dreaming of London Living

  1. Isn’t it amazing how life events put an end to all your plans? It’s like a fork in the road ahead. You turn one way and everything changes. I’m sure you think it’s for the best.

    • I’m happy how it turned out, Joe is my world. But still get a little wistful every time I get to London. I’m lucky I get a lot of time to spend there.

  2. it’s so long since I’ve been to London. I’ve promised my eight year old that we will spend a few days in London together sometime soon(ish). He wants to see all the touristy things!

    • My little boy is five and totally adores London, I’m hoping to take him for another visit before Christmas.

  3. I love London, it’s such an amazing city. I love going for a holiday or weekend break but I couldn’t live there. It’s so busy

  4. I can’t say I share your London dream, I think I am too in love with the country. However I can understand the energy and excitement of the city, I love to visit for a short break and I hope some of my Children will experience city life living one day. For me I am much happier with the river and fields. I hope you make your dream come true. #magicmoments

  5. I have lived in London all my life and still love it with a passion but have given up any hope of ever owning my home! Enjoying quality breaks is sometimes just as special! xx

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