Love Sales – Never Pay Full Price Again.

Whether you buy clothes as a necessity, or whether you are a fully paid up member of the shopaholics club, you probably love the idea of a bargain. So many of us refuse to pay full price for an item, instead we wait to see if it goes into a sale at some point, hoping to save those precious pennies. But then, when the coveted item does get reduced, we miss out because we find out about the sale too late, and by then, the size we wanted has sold out. Sound familiar?

Love Sales is a website that aims to stop this happening, and get you the items you want at a price you can afford. It is free to join and simple to use. You join up in seconds, and get a ‘Love Sales’ button to add to your browser. Then, when you visit your favourite online shops, when you see something you like, simply click the Love Sales button in your browser which adds the item to your Love Sales List. You can add products from any website. Love Sales  then works for on your behalf, continuously monitoring your items  and then alerting you the instant they drop in price or go on sale! This means you no longer have to keep checking websites every day to look for sales. Love Sales is doing all the work for you, and can typically save you anywhere between 25% to 75% off.

2014-09-12There is a lot to love about Love Sales. As well as saving those products you want to buy, you can specify a price that would be your ideal buying price, and you will be alerted as soon as it drops to that low. I also love the fact that you can save your favourite stores and brands, and then get a personalised news feed that details all the sales available at those stores. The home page also has information about great sales, currently you can find information about Kaliko, Zara, Phase Eight and Laura Ashley amongst many other sales.


It is so simple to use, quick to sign up and saves you pounds on your shopping. What’s not to love?


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