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Fabulous adds The Giving Keys to its range

Fabulous, the aptly named jewellery store brand that celebrated its 10th Birthday at the beginning of the month, has recently add ‘The Giving Keys’ to its wide and eclectic range of brands. And amongst the glittering beauty of the likes of Thomas Sabo, Trollbeads, Swarovski and Lulu Guinness, it may well be that it is The Giving Keys that shine brightest and boldest.


The Giving Keys are a Los Angeles company founded by Caitlin Crosby. Inspired by a batch of discarded keys she saw in a key cutting shop, Caitlin came up with a concept that an old key could be re-purposed as a beautiful piece of jewellery that could also contain a message or mantra. This was the start of Giving Keys. but this is not just about the glitter of jewels. This is also a feelgood message that is all about paying it forward. The Necklaces are handmade in Los Angeles by workers who were either homeless or on low incomes. The idea is that the giving keys provide the workers with a job, an income and a way to self sufficiency that will one day lead them to their own keys – to there own front door.


Giving Keys are very unusual and unique. As the keys are all old keys being given a new lease of life, no two keys are identical, making this a unique gift idea. Each key is embossed with a chosen ‘keyword’, be it ‘dream’, ‘love’, ‘inspire’, ‘hope’, ‘faith’, and the word on my key, ‘strength’. You can also choose whether to opt for a silver or brass key, and whether you want a long chain or a shorter one. There is also a smaller ‘dainty’ key.


I have a silver version with ‘strength’ engraved on it. This feels fitting in that I had to overcome a lot of adversity after the birth of Joe, and yet emerged on the other side as a stronger person.I have the longer chain, this is 27 inches, but can be worn double layered to create a smaller chain and a different look.


I wear my Giving Key all the time...
I wear my Giving Key all the time…



Giving Keys are already attracting a celebrity following, both male and female. Fans include Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron, Selina Gomez, Lea Michele and Aaron Paul. They all seem to be fans of the concept that discarded, unwanted keys could actually be the key to a new, positive life for people.




The final idea with the keys is the sweetest of all. Love your key and take strength from it, but when you find someone who needs a little bit of that strength, pass it on. That truly is the key to happiness.


You can find the complete range of Giving keys at Fabulous by clicking here.


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