Fabulous Food from Bun and Bowl

For foodies, Birmingham is becoming a really good place to enjoy delicious food, with lots of new eateries popping up, offering a wide array of cuisines that suit all tastes. One of the most recent to open is Bun and Bowl, which is located in the Iconic building that is ‘The Cube’. Bun and Bowl was launched in May and is a deluxe burger and shrimp restaurant. I was invited to the opening, but due to family commitments I couldn’t make it, so when I was asked if I would like to sample the menu I was really excited. And so, last Friday night, I took the hubby along to sample the delights on offer.





We arrived a little early for our table, before the restaurant had begun to fill up. This gave me the perfect opportunity to take some pictures of the decor. I love the exposed walls and black and white photographs that line them, it gives the place a real retro feel, like a New York Italian restaurant of the 1960s. We were seated at a window table, a great place to indulge in people watching as the world headed out on a beautiful Friday night.

We were introduced to the menu and started the night with drinks. Pete was driving and so stuck to soft drinks, but I chose a Strawberry Mojito, which was gorgeous (and very strong!). The ice was much needed as the night was a hot one, and the mint gave a real refreshing taste.


The Hubby


Strawberry Mojito



For the starter I decided to try some of the shrimps. The Shrimp in garlic, lemon and parsley sauce were absolutely delicious. They were really meaty, and the garlic sauce was so tasty that I was glad that it came with a bruschetta that I could use to dip in and soak up the sauce. Pete opted for the grilled Halloumi cheese, which came in large pieces with warmed pitta bread. The Halloumi was soft and creamy, and the pitta bread was a nice accompaniment, perfect for making posh cheese sandwiches! The service was very quick, from ordering our starters we only seemed to wait a few minutes before we were presented with our food.


The amazing shrimps.


Halloumi with Pitta breads

By the time we had finished our starters the restaurant had filled up, with almost every table taken. I wondered if this would have any influence on the service, but we were asked if we were ready for our main course (a nice touch) and the meals came straight out. For our main course, we had both opted for something from the burger menu. Pete chose The Cube, a 7oz prime burger topped with melted mature cheddar cheese and sweet-cured bacon. The bacon was just the right side of crispy, and the burger was a lovely, juicy patty of beef, very succulent and extremely tasty. These are generous sized burger stacks, so you may want to chop them in half, or eat them with a knife and fork.


The Cube

I chose a chicken burger, the Naughty chicken.This is 7oz chargrilled fillet of chicken breast topped with sweet-cured bacon and garlic sauce. I hate bacon, so asked to have this served without. The garlic sauce was lovely, not at all overpowering, and the chicken was a tasty breast that contrasted so well with the brioche bun it was served in. We chose french fries for our side order. I loved the fact that there was a nod to English tradition with the newspaper style wrapping that the fries were served in.
The fries were perfect, soft in the middle and crispy on the outside.


Naughty Chicken Burger and fries.

I can honestly say I was pleasantly full after the main courses were finished, and had enjoyed every single part of the meal. Pete finished with a latte and I (may) have had another naughty Mojito just to finish off though!

I was really impressed by the simplicity of the menu and the tastiness of the dishes. This is surf and turf for the 21st century, with good service and friendly staff. I am truly looking forward to my next visit to Bun and Bowl, and will definitely be trying one of the shrimps in a bowl main dishes on my next visit.

Bun and Bowl is located in The Cube Building,  11, The Cube, Commercial Street, Birmingham B1 1RS. Click here to visit website and view menu.


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  1. Oh wow the food looks good! I’ve never been invited to try a restaurant but I can imagine i’d sit there trying to take fancy photos and my food would go cold lol x

  2. Those meals look delicious, the burger looks massive though. Great that the food gets served so quickly there too! Dropping by from Magic Moments

  3. That burger looks pretty impressive and it sounds like you were looked after really well – definitely one to try when we are next in Birmingham #MagicMoments

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