Fabulous Gardens For Kids.

Can you tell me about your favourite garden space. I can certainly tell you mine. It would have lots of colour and scent coming from all the most beautiful plants. It would have a hammock where I could stretch out and relax with a good Agatha Christie novel. There would be a table set up with cocktails so I could pretend that I was far away somewhere exotic, and there would be a hot tub where I could just let the time drift away. It sounds idyllic doesn’t it.

Well it might to you, but it is certainly not what my 11 year old son would describe as perfect and I don’t think it would be my 6 year old niece’s choice of garden either. It would be a perfect place to relax and unwind, but it wouldn’t be a perfect place to play. So, in the interest of fairness I asked Joe what he would like in a perfect garden. His answers were fun, but not really surprising,

A Swing and Climbing Frame Set

Joe has two younger cousins who often visit, so his first thought was something they could do. He loves the swing sets from Fatmoose that can range from a couple of swings, to more advanced set ups with a combination of slides and climbing frames. I must admit that I love the garden toys and apparatus from Fatmoose too as they have a really stylish Scandinavian look to them rather than just being heavy plastic. These pieces blend into your garden effortlessly.


A good lawn space suitable for playing football on was always a given, but Joe has lately been talking about an artificial surface that he would be able to use in all weathers without worrying about bringing dirt and grass into the house. There are now a wide range of garden surfaces that have the look and style of grass, but are low maintenance and pet (and children) friendly. They are also perfect to add your goals to, or even to transform your garden into an area for football training during the lockdown.


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A Treehouse

This one really is a pipe dream as we no longer have any large trees in our garden. Joe was recently involved in a campaign to design a dream tree house, and his included a Fifa area and a small swimming pool that could only be reached by a slide. This had no room for adults, but pets were allowed.

Football Mannequins

Although Joe has plenty of equipment for training, he really wants to get a set of football mannequins that he can set up as a free kick wall so he can practice this particular skill, hopefully without the ball disappearing into next door’s garden once again.

What do you think your children would like to see in their garden?

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