Factors to Consider When You Buy High Cut Bikini Bottoms

Gone are the days when people look at high cut bikinis with scorn and disdain for revealing too much skin. Thanks to the many celebrities and supermodels who proudly wear them and post their photos on various social media platforms, this bikini style is receiving the credit it deserves for creating the perfect high-legged look.

If you want to highlight your slender legs and show the world your vibrant personality, you should buy a high cut bikini and wear it at your next beach party. To find the right one, consider the following factors:


Make sure that the high cut bottom that you’re considering is the right size for you. The fabric should fit your lower body without being too constrictive. 

If the bikini is too tight, you may be at risk of yeast infection. Note that the skin on your private part is sensitive, and wearing a high cut bottom that is too tight can irritate the area. 

It is best to find a bikini that is not pulled too tightly on your hips as well. Apart from causing discomfort, overly constricting your hip area can also affect the superficial nerves beneath the skin.  


Another essential factor that needs to be considered when buying high cut bikini bottoms is the way the item makes you feel. Try on the bikini, look in the mirror, and observe how you think about wearing it.

Does wearing it make you smile? Do you feel confident wearing it? Regardless of what people say, how you feel about the bikini you are wearing matters more.

What is seen outside is a reflection of how you feel inside. As such, you will project confidence and poise if you feel good about the bikini you are wearing. On the other hand, you can be self-conscious and insecure if you choose something that you do not like.


The right material also matters when looking for the right high cuts. As a general rule, you need a light and stretchy fabric that dries quickly. As such, materials with a blend of about 80 to 90% nylon and 20% spandex would be a good choice. 

You can also test the fabric by stretching it in various directions to see if it pulls well. Note that stretch-testing is essential since you will be running and doing all sorts of activities while wearing it, so you better make sure it moves with your body accordingly. 


Another important consideration is the colour of the bikini. While there is nothing wrong with selecting the colour based solely on your preference, it is best to know which hues complement your skin tone. 

Find out if you have a warm or cool skin tone by looking at your arm and wrist. If your complexion appears pinkish with bluish veins, you have a cool skin tone. If your skin is on the yellowish side with greenish veins, your skin tone is warm.

Warm and earthy colours like brown, mocha, hazel, sage green, dark brown, tomato red and similar colours flatter women with a warm skin tone. For those with cool skin tone, on the other hand, vivid hues like ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald green work best. 

Given that what you wear affects how you feel and see yourself, it is best to buy high cut bikini bottoms that you carefully selected instead of just buying what is available. Ensure to consider the factors above so you can find the bikini that will bring out the best in you.

Author Emma Iannarilli

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