If I won the Lottery just what would I buy?

I used to be a spendaholic shopaholic. If asked about my hobbies I would’ve stated shopping, and indeed, if they had made it an Olympic sport I would certainly have made it onto the podium. Shopping made me happy and I was certainly very good at it. But times and circumstances change things considerably – they did for me.

Money was something I never used to worry about. Before there was fashion-mommy, before I was a mommy, I was Acting head teacher of a primary school, and had what would be considered a disposable income. But a baby, chronic post natal depression that needed counselling, and a total disillusionment with the teaching profession meant a change of direction and the birth of Fashion-Mommy. No regrets, no looking back, but certainly a more frugal approach to shopping. I’ve become one of the best bargain hunters around.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t dream of what I would do if one day I won the lottery. This week is certainly a great week to dream, with the mega Euromillions Superdraw – 7th of March 2014 offering a prize of a staggering £80 million. What damage I could do in Selfridges with that sort of money. I’ve got my ticket, and I’m already drawing up a wishlist.

Here are some of my lust-haves…if my numbers come up.

Handbags, Handbags, Handbags

Top of my wishlist is the Grace small leather box bag from Mark Cross. I fell in love with this at a special presentation by Paula Reed at Harvey Nichols, and I’ve been lusting after it ever since.

485-3002956-W008150SAFFIANO_RED_MAs money is now no object, I would also add a little piece of Victoria Beckham to my handbag collection. Victoria’s bags are known for being stylish and understated, but I would opt for the glorious bubblegum pink shade of the Victoria leather tote, which is as Barbie-Girl as the minimalist Mrs Beckham is ever likely to get these days.

485-3001439-VBA015PINK_PINK_MAnd then of course, there are shoes. I am a total shoe aficionado, I literally have shoes all over my house, but I would still have to add some designs by Charlotte Olympia, Saint Laurent and Nicholas Kirkwood to my collection.


Charlotte Olympia

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent

Next on my lust list would be a walk in wardrobe, just like the one that Carrie Bradshaw had in that Sex and the City movie. I’d get one of those wardrobe experts to organise it for me, so that I would actually be able to find something, without having to check the bedroom floor…


Imagine the fun in filling this…

A holiday would be nice too. My five-year-old is just ship obsessed, so I would organise a trip on the Disney Cruise line, which would cater to both his love of Donald Duck and his obsession with cruise ships. As I am most definitely a kid at heart, I think I’d love it too!


There are just so many lovely things that I could dream of spending the money on,and, let’s face it, there’s nothing wrong with having a dream…cos if you don’t have a dream…(I nearly broke into Captain Sensible there – it may be time for bed…)

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4 thoughts on “If I won the Lottery just what would I buy?

  1. I think we all want Carrie’s wardrobe… I think I’d have to have a Cartier spree ;).

  2. I’ve never hit a big prize. But I won 100 quid once. So nice to spend those in shoes

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