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Feel Good Clothing



by  evocateur 

We all have favourite items of clothing; things that we keep year in, year out, regardless of whether they’re still in fashion or whether we even ever wear them anymore.

The flip side can be true as well, though. Sometimes, you might open the wardrobe and see a suit that you wore for an interview, when things went badly and you didn’t get the job, or a dress you wore on a date disaster. It’s not unusual for people who have gone through a break-up or separation to tear or cut up clothes that remind them of happier times; and doing this can bring about a sense of closure, even though it may seem wasteful.

The clothes you choose to wear can have a real effect on your mood. If you wake up feeling a little down and defeated; then choosing an outfit that you know looks good on you can really cheer you up. In the same way, if you know you need to make a good impression when meeting new people, you’ll put more effort into what you wear than you might on another day.

There’s also a link with the weather and being able to leave one season’s clothing behind you and embracing the next. There’s something great about the start of summer, for example, and getting all your summer clothes out and deciding what to keep and what you need to buy more of. Sometimes, you might see a photo of celebs like The Saturdays wearing certain clothing, and it’ll remind you of something similar you have in your wardrobe that you might have forgotten about.

Take steps to make your wardrobe make you feel good

  • You don’t want your wardrobe to bring you down – keep the items that give you a positive vibe and bin those that do the opposite.

  • Think about your favourite tops or trousers – what is it about them that make you feel good? Bear those points in mind when you are shopping for new items.

  • If a piece of clothing stirs up bad memories, and you’re never going to wear it again, then get it out of your wardrobe. It’s only cluttering up space – both physical and mental.

  • On the other hand, if you have clothes that bring you good memories just from looking at them or feeling their texture, but you don’t actually want to wear them anymore, there’s no harm in keeping them. Clothes can trigger memories in the same way that photos can, and if you’ve got the space, why not keep them?

  • Don’t be afraid to try something new. You may be in a wardrobe rut, where you’ve developed almost a uniform for yourself. Clues to this happening would be if you bring a new item home and discover you have something really similar already. Make the effort to branch out in what buy; take inspiration from friends who you always notice because of what they’re wearing. You don’t necessarily want to copy them, but you can follow their lead with some fresh ideas.

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