Fizzbox – Takes the Work Out of Organising An Event

We’ve all been there, your sister or your best friend tells you they are getting married, and amongst all the joy of the occasion comes the realisation that you have to organise the hen party. Or someone has a very special birthday coming up and you are tasked with organising the celebrations, but thinking of something interesting or exciting to do proves to be very difficult. If you have read the above and thought ‘yes, I’ve been there’, then Fizzbox may just be an answer to all those age old problems.

Fizzbox takes all the work out of finding something interesting to do and it is all so simple to use. You start by typing in the location you want to find events for, and these are widespread, from Birmingham to Amsterdam. Once you have added your location, Fizzbos basically does the rest of the work for you by listing all the events and activities that cater for groups in that area.

I tried the system myself, typing in Birmingham to see how it worked. Fizzbox found 34 events which I could then filter myself, using popularity, price or name if I was searching for something more specific. I liked that the events were varied, ranging from a 1980s style dance class to indoor go karting, and I was also impressed that the prices were varied to take in all pockets, with an afternoon tea with Prosecco for £15, to a Zombie Boot camp costing £120 per person.

Photo by from Pexels

By clicking on an option you get more details, including just how many people your chosen activity can cater for, the timescale of the event, any age restrictions (good if you don’t want anyone in your party to be embarrassed if they don’t have ID) and also if there is an expected dress code. All these details are so useful when you are trying to organise something for a large group.

Making an enquiry is so easy, you simply list the number in your party, a time and date, and Fizzbox then sends an enquiry on your behalf to the event or venue. You then need to wait for your response before deciding if you want to pursue it any further.

Fizzbox is simple and efficient, and I really like the fact that most events only need a deposit, so that you can buy now and pay later. This is useful if you are collecting money from a large group of people, it can help to ensure you will not be out of pocket. Many of the activities also have free cancellation, just in case someone drops out nearer the time. It really seems to have thought about the kind of things that can go wrong when booking for a larger group and has then addressed these.

If you are in the process of planning a stag or hen night, a team building exercise or a special birthday event, I would definitely recommend you try Fizzbox, it could help to prevent major headaches.