Acdria – Handmade In The UK

Acdria is a great British success story, a Liverpool based jewellery brand that specialises in creating beautiful pieces in resin that have ties to the natural world. The brand story began in 2012 when they created the Tiger Butterfly piece, but since then they have branched out with designs that include leaves, fans, flowers including poppies and yet more butterflies.

Acdria Jewellery appeals to those who love pieces that are hand made and unusual, as well as nature lovers. The colours are vibrant and patterns that run through are intricate and delicate, giving each piece depth and character.

I have a couple of pieces from the latest Acdria collections. The Dark Ivy bangle is so exquisite, shaped to resemble real leaves giving it a raw, natural feel. The green shade is deep, but by using resin you get a piece you can wear every day as it is lightweight. This is a piece that is perfect for Autumn when we are surrounded by fallen leaves everywhere, and is a piece that will be noticed and commented on. I love that each piece is unique, due to being made by hand, making each piece a real statement.

My necklace is from the Victorian fan collection and has a real vintage feel. In the brightest shade of shocking pink, this is a real statement piece that will stand out against any outfit.  The pendant comes on an 18 inch chain in stainless steel which contrasts so nicely against the pendant. This necklace really has the feel of an heirloom passed down from great granny.

If you are looking for jewellery pieces to give to a loved one this Christmas, then I would recommend checking out Acdria Jewellery. Each item comes in a beautifully stylish gift box making then perfect to gift, no need for wrapping. They would be sure to delight anyone who received them.

The Victorian Fan pendant costs £21 and the Dark Ivy Bangle costs £36, pretty affordable for beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery.

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