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Flooring Solutions And Maintenence

Busy family homes need flooring solutions that are up to the job. With heavy foot traffic guaranteed, it is essential you choose floor coverings that are tough and easy to maintain. When floor coverings are well cared for, they look so much better and last so much longer, too. Children, pets, muddy athletes – whoever the dirt magnets are in your family, you can keep one step ahead with some easy maintenance tips.

Hardwood hints

One of the top choices for domestic flooring is hardwood. Not only does it look elegant and sleek, it has the added bonus of being easy to keep clean. Most hardwood is also brown in shade, which is close to ‘dirt colored’ – making it fabulous for hiding grime! But don’t let this convenient feature keep you from neglecting your hardwood floors.

To keep them looking their best, you should regularly run a microfiber dusting pad up and down the floor, taking in all the surface area. Also, it helps to vacuum around the edges using a hose attachment, picking up dirt from around the baseboards. Follow this up with a light misting of water over the floor’s surface – do not add vinegar, as this is too acidic and will dull the finish. There are specific products formulated for cleaning hardwood, but if in doubt, opt for plain old water. Using another wet-use microfiber cloth, wipe the floor, following the direction of the grain. Move along, leaving the floor dry and clean behind you. Use this method regularly and your hardwood floors will glow beautifully for years to come.

Love this rustic looking floor.
Love this rustic looking floor.

Carpet clues

Nothing beats the softness of luxurious carpet flooring. For comfort under foot and a warm atmosphere, carpets really do make the grade.To get the best out of a carpet in terms of look, quality and warm, it is advisable to add a carpet underlay. An underlay can make your house more environmentally sound by keeping the warmth in, and you can now find a great range of underlays from the Carpet Underlay Shop.

But what about cleaning carpets – does this make them a less viable and practical choice? Experts recommend twice weekly vacuuming for a dwelling with two people. For larger family homes with lots of foot traffic this will need to be increased. Keep carpets cleaner for longer by removing shoes at the door and using a good quality vacuum cleaner. At least once every six months it is wise to thoroughly deep clean carpets that see a lot of traffic. Professional carpet cleaning can freshen up tired looking carpets quickly and efficiently with no mess. For removing pet hair and ingrained dirt regular professional cleaning is recommended – not only do carpets look good, they are healthier and last longer.

A carpet looks soft and cosy.
A carpet looks soft and cosy.


Ceramic tile tips

Because they have been fired in a kiln at high temperatures, ceramic tiles are extremely resilient and durable. When they are glazed, dirt and stains won’t penetrate, making them the top choice for busy, high traffic areas where spills are frequent. Experts recommend regular cleaning with a mop, warm water and mild detergent. It is OK to use vinegar in cleaning mixture for tiles as it won’t damage the surface and will get them sparkling and squeaky-clean. To clean the grout between tiles use a water and hydrogen peroxide mix and scrub with a toothbrush. For best results and to keep your ceramic tiles looking fresh, pass a mop over once a week.


Floors take a lot of punishment from day to day, so it makes sense to try and protect them. With regular cleaning and a carefully managed maintenance program, you can have floors to be proud of.

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