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This morning I was going through my jewellery to decide what pieces to wear, and once again I opted for a vintage paste brooch, an item that seems to be a bit of an obsession at the moment.

I love vintage jewellery, pieces that are not only pretty, but also have a story attached to them. I wear my nan’s diamond engagement ring, collect brooches from the 1940s and 50s, and have quite a collection of vintage strings of pearls. I love large statement earrings from the 1980s, and love the 60s style bangles that might have picked up on the Marrakesh trail. But my number one passion is for Art Deco jewellery with its beautiful geometric design, often in black and white diamonds.Genuine  Art Deco jewellery can be harder to source, so it is worth looking to vintage jewellery suppliers like Lillicoco when you want a real statement piece.

Jewellery is a passion shared by many famous women, and I am going to share a few of my favourite jewellery collectors, and some of their key pieces.

Wallis Simpson

Wallis Simpson’s jewellery collection may be the most famous of them all. The Duchess of Windsor may never have been a queen, but with her stunning collection of diamonds and jewels she certainly dressed like one. One of the most famous and iconic pieces was the leopard bracelet from Cartier, which along with the stunning flamingo brooch were offered for a million pound auction at Sotheby’s in 1987.

Elizabeth Taylor

Another star who amassed a stunning jewellery collection was Elizabeth Taylor, with the Taylor Burton diamond, a symbol of her famous love story with the actor Richard Burton, at the centre of the collection. Taylor was married a famous 8 times, and each love affair added to her jewellery collection, which included a tiara from Mike Todd, numerous pieces from Cartier and Bulgari, and the Krupp diamond.

Diana, Princess of Wales

Princess Diana already had her own Spencer tiara when she married into the royal family, but after joining the firm she gained lots of beautiful pieces, many of which she wore in an iconic way. A key point was a stunning emerald necklace which she famously wore has a headband.

But Diana was not just about priceless gems, she happily wore Butler and Wilson cocktails pieces and made them look like they had cost a million dollars too.


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