Food Treats Delivered To Your Door

The wonderful activity of eating out, whether in restaurants or cafes, tea rooms or even picnics, is something that the lockdown has taken away from us. But even though we have not been able to eat out socially, many people have looked carefully at the idea of restaurant quality food, and have chosen to try to replicate this in their home through food and meal delivery services, which have really taken off over the last year.

Restaurants have fought against the closures of lockdown by creating menus of meals that can be delivered to your home almost as a ready meal, ready to be warmed up at your pleasure. You can pretty much order any variety of food, from Indian meals from Michelin star restaurants, to pasta meals with all your ingredients and your recipe from Pasta Evangelists. The idea is that you can enjoy all your favourite treats from restaurants that you know and love in the comfort of your own home, whilst you wait for them to reopen in May.

Fresh Produce To Your Door

But you don’t just have to have full, already produced meals delivered to your door. Lockdown has seen people become very passionate about home cooking all over again, as they have used the free time that they have spent whilst furloughed, or working from home to prepare meals, cakes and even their own bread. The lack of flour in shops last year was one such byproduct of this, but people ordering fresh produce to their door has been another.

Patas, the original Florida Stone Crab, is the place to go for beautiful, fresh stone crab. They deliver both in the United States, and also to Canada, Europe and Asia. The Stone Crabs are caught in Florida waters, and are then packed in insulated boxes along with Gel Packs to ensure they arrive fresh and ready to enjoy.

Stone Crab delivery is a food treat for those who love their seafood to be to restaurant quality. With the light nights just around the corner, can you think of anything better to enjoy with a BBQ and a crisp glass of wine?

Afternoon Teas To The Door

Another gorgeous meal option that has really taken off during lockdown is the Afternoon Tea. Afternoon teas are always a wonderful Summer treat, with scones and jam and cream being one of my personal favourite sweet treats, but with tearooms and cafes closed, there has been a host of companies who can deliver afternoon tea to your door, with fresh sandwiches, home made scones and cakes and pastries all part of the package.

These can be delivered fresh to your door on any day of choosing, and can also include an option of fizz if you want to make it a Champagne afternoon tea. Perfect if you are thinking of an Easter treat.

Staying at home doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy something out of the ordinary when it comes to your food. Fresh, prestige food delivered to your door is one way that you can still give yourselves the treat that you deserve. A home date night anyone?

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