Found – A miracle White t-shirt!

When you look at the items that all wardrobes should have, a simple, classic white t-shirt is certainly one of the things to make the list. An item you can dress up, or dress down, this is an iconic piece that has been worn by the likes of James Dean, Steve McQueen and Brigitte Bardot in the past, and is now a staple for the likes of Blake Lively, Lana Del Rey and  Angelina Jolie. A white t-shirt is a style statement that always looks good and never goes out of fashion.


James Dean


Steve McQueen

brigitte t-shirt

Brigitte Bardot


Angelina Jolie


Lana Del Rey


Blake Lively

But as much as this is a keystone item in your wardrobe, it is also one that probably gets replaced on a regular basis. Because keeping a white t-shirt white is not always that easy, especially if you have a young child around. Stains caused by red wine, coffee, curry and tomato pasta sauce are not always easy to remove, even with stain remover, and so, many t-shirts that still have lots of wear in them shape wise, have to be discarded due to rather nasty discolouration. But thanks to Australian company Threadsmiths, this may be a thing of the past.

Threadsmiths make stain-proof T-Shirts that are made from 100% cotton using a hydrophobic nanotechnology. The  T-Shirt completely resists all water based liquids such as coffee, red wine and coke, with liquid simply bouncing off the fabric to avoid any unsightly stains.  You can watch an example of this in the video below.


The t-shirt comes in a range of sizes, and is available for men, women and children. It is fully machine washable, and the water repellent is simply reactivated by tumble drying the t-shirt at normal to dry heat. I was sent a ladies Cavalier design to test drive and was super impressed. The design was feminine, with a good amount of stretch and a flattering neckline, and the t-shirt was long enough in the body for me not to be trying to pull it down (I call it the Winnie the Pooh effect – you know exactly what I mean!).

The Cavalier - Womens AUD $65.00 click to visit Threadsmiths Au

The Cavalier – Womens
click to visit Threadsmiths Au

The t-shirt does exactly what it says it does, repels fluids and liquids that would otherwise cause stains that would then be hard to shift. This makes the t-shirt appear fresh and crisp, even when you have been wearing it all day.


This is clever technology that is sure to save you money as you replace your white t-shirt on a less regular basis. Style and technology merging happily to create a great product.

*I was sent a t-shirt in exchange for a honest review.



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  1. Finally someone who understands me! All my friends buy glittery tops and don’t get this wonderful magic of basic t-shirts! They fit in every situation!

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