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Garden Plans for Spring

After the cold of Winter, when my garden is left abandoned and unloved, I look forward to getting back outside when Spring comes. We are lucky to have a rather large garden with a large lawn and a double patio area that is great for barbecues and rest and relaxation on warm Summer evenings.  Last year we invested in new garden furniture and an antique wood burner. This year we will be concentrating on growing some veggies and plants, and will be taking some advice from Suttons Seeds, who have a great range of information and advice on ‘growing your own.’

Enjoying our garden last summer

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But first up, we need to have a serious sort out of the garden toys belonging to Joe. The shed is currently overflowing with mini bikes, plastic cars, Little Trikes and numerous other items that Joe has grown out of and no longer plays with. In addition, we have a large plastic playhouse that Joe now seems to use as a climbing frame, this also needs to go as this would be the perfect corner for some tomato plants which I am planning to grow this Spring.


Another thing I am looking forward to planting this year is some Sunflower seeds. We did this a few years ago as part of a Britmums project and they grew beautifully and looked great, providing a natural barrier between our lawned area and our patio area. Sunflowers are very easy to grow so they are a great idea if you want to get children involved in gardening. (You can find the sunflowers post here.)

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The final plan for the garden this Spring is to replace our shed. The current shed is too large for our needs and the wood is starting to warp and rot. A smaller, heavy duty plastic storage solution is a must, this will also release some more space in the garden for further plants and flowers.


What plans do you have for your garden this Spring?


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