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There was once a time when we got a bill through the post and we paid it without question. We wouldn’t even consider that there might just be a better deal for us out there if we looked, and so we stayed with the same suppliers for all our services and supplies. But as times have been tough, we’ve learnt to count the pennies and to shop around. It no longer pays to stay with the same suppliers, whether it be for our gas and electric, our mobile phones, our credit cards, and even for our weekly shop. If you want to get  the best deal around now, it’s probably cheaper to switch.

Mobile Phones

For many of us, our phone is our lifeline, not just there to make calls and send messages, but also there for our social media, our emails, as a gallery of our family photos, or just somewhere to watch  You Tube when we have a spare few minutes.

But in order to get the best from our mobile, we need to look for the best mobile phone deals. We all have different needs from our network, so using a reputable online comparison site, you can find the best deals, tariffs and plans for you. You can look at the cost per month, the amount of data and minutes in the deal, and how long you are going to be tied into the deal. Then you can make an informed decision as to the very best package to suit your lifestyle and your needs.

Gas and Electric

You should be looking for capped offers on your utilities in order to save money, and if this means moving supplier, then you should definitely do it. Capped offers are good because your bill will not change even if the cost of gas and electric does nationally, although you are also locked in if it goes down (which frankly it never seems to be.)

Some utility companies may also offer you an introductory offer that may be cheaper, or there may be a cash back offer for moving, so it is well worth checking out all the options.

Credit Cards

If you have a high balance on your current credit card, then you may be able to save quite a bit of money by switching to a no interest on balance transfers deal on a new card. You often find that much of the money you think you are paying off, is actually being swallowed up in interest, so a balance transfer with no interest could mean that you start to pay off some of the balance.


This is probably the no brainer of the tips and one which many of you are already doing, but switching to a budget supermarket will save you money on your weekly shop. If you feel you don’t want to leave all your brands behind, then try to switch most of your shop. I still buy tea, coffee, coca cola and brown sauce at Sainsbury, but I can pretty much get everything else at Lidl or Aldi.

How will you get the best deal go further this Autumn?

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