How To Save Money On Your Heating Bills

It was Benjamin Franklin who was famously quoted as saying ” in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Well I would disagree with this, and add that nowadays, we can also rely on the fact that each Winter, our heating bills will rise. The growing cost of fuel bills, and the rise of fuel poverty is one of the major problems facing families, with those most impacted sometimes having to choose between ‘eat’ and ‘heat’. But there are things that we can do to make savings on our bills, and to beat the fuel giants at their own game.

Shop Around

Loyalty to one provider is no longer something that is rewarded. Instead you need to shop around and make sure you change your provider on a regular basis. Look for deals that fix fuel prices for a year or two so you don’t have any increases during your tenancy, and once the offer is finished, look at swapping again.

Use the internet to make comparisons on tariffs and choose the most competitive option available. Also look for cashback offers or incentives from companies.

Energy Saving

It has to be said that a lot of us run up bills through sheer stupidity. We leave lights on in rooms we are not using, we fail to keep heat in rooms by shutting doors, we leave devices plugged in, and on standby even when we are not using them, or, worst still, we are not even home.

By simply being a little more energy savvy we could help to bring our bills down, and all by doing things that we don’t even notice. It has to be worth a try.

Get a Wood burner

One of the issues I have in Winter is that I work from home and so tend to put the central heating on once temperatures start to dip, and as a consequence I am heating up every room even though I am only working in one room. A wood burner is a great way to save money, it gives off lots of heat, can be used for one room only.but if you leave a door open it could also send heat next door.

A wood burner is a source of heat that you control. and is safe to use too. Definitely a worthwhile investment if your bills are proving to be more than you want.

Whether you are looking for a wood burner, or maybe want to price up smaller, plug in radiators or portable heaters that can be moved from room to room, make sure you check if there are any promo codes for energy saving that could bring the price down even more.