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5 Ways to Add a Hint of Style to Your Kitchen

Kitchens can be quite dull if we let them, yet they’re also one of the places in the house where we all spend the most amount of time. It’s not just all about dishwashing, cooking, cleaning and oven care, it’s also important to make the kitchen a lovely and fun place where you enjoy to spend time on.

A kitchen refurbishment might not be up there on the list of “things to do before the Christmas come around”. Yet that’s not to say you should overlook it, as injecting a bit of style into your kitchen needn’t be too time intensive nor costly.

Here are five ways you can add a bit of style to this part of your life, particularly if this room is the hub of your home.

Add New Blinds

Kitchen blinds add so much to a room, they are stylish, particularly if your style tends towards minimalism, and they also help to keep your room energy efficient but helping to retain heat in Winter, and keeping the room cool in Summer.

Neat fit blinds, of the sort that are so good at, are ideal if you have strange sized windows as they can be made to measure, and can also be designed in a range of styles and colours so they can be a real feature of your kitchen and can suit your style of kitchen.

Display Artwork

Putting up something fashionable and cool on your walls is one way to inject a lot of style into your kitchen. Yet you needn’t have to take to just the walls either. Consider putting artwork or attaching stylish trinkets or items to your appliances too. A painting can look just as good framed up on your fridge freezer if you choose wisely and place it right.




Taking to exposed parts of your kitchen and touching them up with well-chosen shades or colours of paint can also really help transform the look and style of a kitchen. Stay away from metal and look for paint-easy surfaces instead. Shelves or furniture work well, but only if you think paint can actually improve the look of them. Sometimes the rustic look actually works better!


Sometimes adding a bit more style to a kitchen can be achieved as easily as moving around a few pieces of furniture or better arranging the space. Look at what you have in the kitchen currently and see if you can’t minimise it and add space or otherwise move things around to compliment each other and help bring attention to other interesting parts of the space. Perhaps you can add things to shelves and table-tops that can make your kitchen look that little bit cooler.


Finally the way you light your kitchen can make massive changes in the how the space looks and feels. Opt for elegant lighting with chandeliers or modern up-lights and you can really change the look of a tired kitchen to something a whole lot new and fresher.


Adding a hint of style to your kitchen is something all fashion-conscious moms might want to think about. A few simple changes can really make a big enough impact to really transform the way you think about your home.

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