Styling a Contemporary Kitchen

Creating a chic and contemporary kitchen is a simple and effective way to set a sophisticated tone for your home. There is so much choice when it comes to modern kitchen cabinetry, so how do you create the perfect clutter-free room for relaxing and entertaining?

Contemporary worktops

Modern cabinetry is all about uncomplicated colours. Bright white worktops are too ‘clinical’ for some people, but for others, they’re a simple and effective way to create an ultra-modern kitchen for family and guests to enjoy! But colour is certainly having a moment, consistent colours and patterns of the latest composites are perfect for contemporary kitchens, and choice for these have taken off over the past few years to include everything from brilliant white to zingy orange. One way to get colour into your kitchen units is by opting for a  hand-painted kitchen, this is a type of finish that primes cabinets and doors before painting them by hand in the desired style. These are great because you can choose from a wide variety of style including traditional, contemporary, weathered, sleek and cottage.

Kitchen cabinets and their door fronts can be hand-painted if they are made from MDF, bare, waxed, or lacquered wood as well as acrylic, melamine and foil-wrapped laminate.

Perfect order

We all dream of having a well-organised kitchen. So thankfully, modern kitchen designs revolve around the ‘uncluttered look’ that helps us stay calm and cool as we cook. For most of us, the main problem in keeping our kitchens pristine is our work surfaces. While we all might want that statement — and often used — KitchenAid mixer on show, that doesn’t necessarily work with all the other kitchen paraphernalia we collect over time. Hiding clutter in open-plan kitchens is essential. So, plan plenty of storage areas such as deep pan drawers and tambour units to keep small appliances, crockery and china out of sight. Floor-to-ceiling cupboards with no handles can hide a multitude of sins. So, if you have space, they’re a good investment. But remember, for your kitchen to work efficiently, you need easy access to appliances. Place pan drawers by ovens, larders close to prep areas, and china close to the dishwasher.

Crisp-clear lines

How do you get that sleek, aerodynamic look that creates a stand-out, modern kitchen? The best way is with handle-free cabinets. The in-frame construction of kitchen cabinet doors with no handles is both modern and extremely durable, which gives this design feature an edge on others. In smaller kitchen spaces, the absence of handles helps to make a room feel bigger, while in a kitchen with lots of cabinetry, it prevents an overload of steel handles. If you don’t want to commit to all handle-less doors, then you can integrate a run of classic cabinets a contemporary edge by dressing them with sleek bar handles. For an all over modern effect, add modern built-in appliances and top with cool composite worktops. Or, mix and match your kitchen style by incorporating flat-fronted wall cabinets. 1 Stop Cabinets has a beautiful designer series range of kitchen cabinets that you can consider.

Kitchen utensils

Creating a modern kitchen is simple once you get the basics right. But if it’s all about minimalism and clean lines, what do you do about your cooking appliances? Today, there are plenty of contemporary-looking utensils and gadgets for you to choose from that give a complementary look to your modern kitchen. For example; if you have your heart set on a range cooker, choose one of the more modern steel models from Smeg, Mercury or Rangemaster. Integrate as many kitchen appliances as you want, and if possible, place items such as washing machines and tumble dryers in utility rooms. Ensure your fridge and freezer are stored behind closed doors, then keep sightlines clear by installing below-cabinet, in-ceiling or pop-up extractors. Investing in built-in cooking appliances with a sleek, glass zoned induction hob is another good move for a contemporary kitchen. Give the ideal finishing touch with a few modern-day luxuries — such as a boiling water tap, pop-up power points and cool lighting!

Advice for a contemporary kitchen:

  • Vary your levels

A tall breakfast bar next to a lower-lying island is great for providing a relaxed but modern-looking place to eat in your contemporary kitchen. You can create several levels on a peninsula with a raised area to hide the washing-up from dinner guests, or even get a stool that sits just below your breakfast bar to add an extra level to your kitchen and maximise the seating area available.

  • Simple and effective surfaces

A quick way to keep your design modern is to opt for glass or composite for your splashback which you can get from Simply Plastics. Laying large-format floor tiles and securing them with a matching grout gives the much-loved modern look, too.

  • Customise your worktops

Install very thin worktops that help your units look more like furniture. Wrap a composite work surface in a contrasting colour, or place material around the cabinetry on your kitchen islands and at the end of runs.

  • Brighten up your modern kitchen

If you played it safe until now, get creative with your choice of kitchen lighting. Plinth lights almost make base units look like they are floating above the floor, while installing cool LED strips to the interior of wall cabinets and shelves work to highlight favourite kitchen accessories in a contemporary fashion.

Going for a sleek and contemporary kitchen style with neat worktops and modern appliances not only makes your house look amazing, but it also keeps your room free of clutter giving you much more room to cook, relax and entertain!

5 Ways to Add a Hint of Style to Your Kitchen

Kitchens can be quite dull if we let them, yet they’re also one of the places in the house where we all spend the most amount of time. It’s not just all about dishwashing, cooking, cleaning and oven care, it’s also important to make the kitchen a lovely and fun place where you enjoy to spend time on.

A kitchen refurbishment might not be up there on the list of “things to do before the Christmas come around”. Yet that’s not to say you should overlook it, as injecting a bit of style into your kitchen needn’t be too time intensive nor costly.

Here are five ways you can add a bit of style to this part of your life, particularly if this room is the hub of your home.

Add New Blinds

Kitchen blinds add so much to a room, they are stylish, particularly if your style tends towards minimalism, and they also help to keep your room energy efficient but helping to retain heat in Winter, and keeping the room cool in Summer.

Neat fit blinds, of the sort that are so good at, are ideal if you have strange sized windows as they can be made to measure, and can also be designed in a range of styles and colours so they can be a real feature of your kitchen and can suit your style of kitchen.

Display Artwork

Putting up something fashionable and cool on your walls is one way to inject a lot of style into your kitchen. Yet you needn’t have to take to just the walls either. Consider putting artwork or attaching stylish trinkets or items to your appliances too. A painting can look just as good framed up on your fridge freezer if you choose wisely and place it right.




Taking to exposed parts of your kitchen and touching them up with well-chosen shades or colours of paint can also really help transform the look and style of a kitchen. Stay away from metal and look for paint-easy surfaces instead. Shelves or furniture work well, but only if you think paint can actually improve the look of them. Sometimes the rustic look actually works better!


Sometimes adding a bit more style to a kitchen can be achieved as easily as moving around a few pieces of furniture or better arranging the space. Look at what you have in the kitchen currently and see if you can’t minimise it and add space or otherwise move things around to compliment each other and help bring attention to other interesting parts of the space. Perhaps you can add things to shelves and table-tops that can make your kitchen look that little bit cooler.


Finally the way you light your kitchen can make massive changes in the how the space looks and feels. Opt for elegant lighting with chandeliers or modern up-lights and you can really change the look of a tired kitchen to something a whole lot new and fresher.


Adding a hint of style to your kitchen is something all fashion-conscious moms might want to think about. A few simple changes can really make a big enough impact to really transform the way you think about your home.

The average cost of a kitchen per region

House prices vary hugely across the UK by region, but are renovation prices also affected? The cost of a kitchen differs widely throughout the UK. From disposable income and the size of a home to the size of a kitchen and the extravagance of appliances, the budget and subsequent cost of a kitchen renovation can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds. But what about the region? Does that also affect kitchen prices?

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), in 2015, Kensington & Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham was the local area with the highest gross disposable household income (GDHI) per head (£52,298), more than two and a half times the UK average. Haringey and Islington sat in the top ten (£27,153) and Nottingham had the lowest GDHI per head (£12,779). Your overall monthly income will affect how much disposable income you have, and a higher disposable income gives you more opportunities to invest in a bespoke kitchen design.

The Telegraph, with the help of estate agents Savills, mapped out where the largest homes were being built in the UK in 2015. Their findings showed Oxford and Bournemouth to be the top two areas with the smallest new-build homes. Guildford and the New Forest were placed in the top ten areas with the largest new-build homes, averaging at 146 m² and 141 m², respectively. One of the best parts of developing a new-build property is reaching the stage of choosing the kitchen and bathroom suites. Often the most expensive investments, the kitchen and bathroom provide homeowners or developers with the opportunity to add a splash of luxury into the home.

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and consider it a multi-purpose space for the family. Open-plan kitchen designs have helped create spaces that homeowners can use for more than just cooking. From hosting parties and having family dinners, to breakfast and homework stations, the open-plan kitchen has almost limitless purposes. And what’s more, open-plan spaces have the potential to make you money, too. Research conducted by the National Association of Estate Agents revealed that opening up space and kitchen makeovers are within the top four home improvements that will add value to a property.

The English Housing Survey found that the average kitchen was around 10m² in area, although 5% were smaller than 5m² and 16% were larger than 15m². Not surprisingly, kitchen size varies considerably with the type and size of the property and so, larger kitchens generally require more furniture. If an investment is made in the quality and durability of cabinets, the renovation will cost a little more than selecting lay-on-door styles.

With all things considered, the average cost of a kitchen varies and region plays a small role in helping you decide on how much to spend on your new space. Instead, the cost can be broken down by house price, house size, and homeowner income. According to the 2017 Kitchen Trends Report from Houzz, the average budget and spend for kitchen renovations in UK homes is between £10,001 – £25,000, with 22% of homeowners spending between £25,000 – £50,000 and 10% spending over £50,000.

disposable income and the housing region are the main factors which influence the average cost. It goes without saying that a bigger house, with a bigger kitchen, is probably owned by someone who earns a larger salary and therefore spends more on a kitchen renovation, than someone living in a small, one-bedroom flat. However, it’s wise to also be aware of the costings of extravagant appliances, the finish of the cabinets and the construction of the furniture, as these will also affect the end cost of a new kitchen.