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Kitchen Diners inspired by American TV

Sex in the City is my all time favourite American TV programme, but in second place I would have to put the first two series of Desperate Housewives. I loved the drama and intrigue and the glamorous wardrobes, but most of all I loved their homes, particularly the huge kitchen diners that were at the hub of so many episodes. These huge spaces were warm and cosy, a place to cook, to entertainment, and to drink wine and gossip, literally perfect spaces in perfect homes.




For me, the perfect kitchen would be spacious enough for the whole family to be in it at the same time. I love the idea of having a central island that can be used for everything from eating breakfast to doing work or homework on. The kitchen above belonged to the most iconic of the Desperate Housewives, Bree Van De Kamp, a woman who would cook a four course meal for ten and not have a single hair out of place. Her kitchen was both traditional, stylish and very practical – a real family space.

Fishpools have a brilliant range of dining tables and barstools that can help you create your own kitchen space. Some of their tables and chairs would suit an actual dining room, but others are perfect for that multi-purpose kitchen ambiance, in American Oak wood, with tables that can be extended to host up to 6 people – real family pieces. I love the Aries pieces, these are strong and sturdy with a rustic, farmhouse kitchen feel. The traditional feel of the table and chairs actually keeps them feeling bang up to date, and you can totally imagine a family growing up around this table.



If you are just looking to update your current kitchen area, you could do this by changing the seats or bar stools you have around your kitchen island. This could instantly change the look of your current space, with traditional wooden stools being replaced by something with a metallic touch, or with an upholstered chair for that luxurious, glamorous grown up feel.



What would be your ideal kitchen look? Are you planning any changes to your kitchen?

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