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Whether you are a bride planning your wedding, or a groom trying to give your loved one the perfect gift, a wedding can be a lot of work and worry. One of the things you have to think about is gifts for your bridesmaids or Maids of honour, something that they will love and treasure, and that they will be able to look at fondly in years to come and remember their special day.

Shesaidyes is one of the best places to look when you are trying to find a beautiful and unusual wedding ring, but it is far more than just that. It is also chocked full of gift ideas that would work beautifully for either the bride or for bridesmaids. These are items that would suit all ages, and have a lovely tie to the romance of a wedding, and could even be worn on the big day itself,

Here are some lovely ideas if you are looking for special gifts for your big day

The Tender Line Collection

There can be no more significant word than ‘love’ when it comes to weddings, so the tender line collection is absolutely perfect when it comes to choosing a gift for a bride or a bridesmaid. There are love pendents and a gorgeous bangle, as well as rings, and they come in a range of precious metals including my own personal favourite, rose gold.

These pieces come beautifully gift boxed, which is another reason why they make such a wonderful gift for a loved one.

The Hug Me Collection

I have featured this collection of rings before (you can check out that post here) as an unusual wedding ring idea, but I think the bear adorned ring in this hug me collection is a wonderful gift for a younger bridesmaid, maybe one that could be bought to wear when they are older.

These are beautifully made rings that also have the ‘cute’ factor to them, and would appeal to those who love things like Disney and anime.

The Just Bloom Collection

A new collection that I absolutely love is the just bloom collection that has its roots (parden the pun) firmly embedded in nature. It has motifs of flowers and leaves, all sorts of floral blooms, as well as the sun, and delicate birds.

I love that the designs in this collection are so variable, from obvious flowers, to those that are more abstract. There are traditional ring designs, and then the more unusual, like the My Dream Lover ring. Pendants and earrings in this collection would again make wonderful bridesmaid gift ideas.


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