Gossip Girl Fashion

It is hard to believe that it has been a full ten years since Gossip Girl first broadcast on the CW. As we think about the 10th anniversary of this iconic show, it is easy to go back to our favorite Gossip Girl characters, the best Gossip Girl episodes, and to be sure, our favorite Gossip Girl fashions. While this binge-worthy blend of politics and high society teen drama had more than a few shocking moments and memorable characters, it is perhaps the fashion that we remember the most fondly.


Fair enough, since Gossip Girl gave us more than a few memorable outfits, over the course of 121 episodes. Some of them were gorgeous, and some of them were pretty tacky. Some of them are outfits we can certainly imagine putting on tomorrow. Regardless of which ones are your favorites, we have a feeling you’re going to recognize some of the top examples we are about to highlight!


Best Examples Of Gossip Girl Fashion

Take a look at our favorite examples of Gossip Girl fashion. Did we leave anything out? What would your own top five consist of? Don’t be afraid to let us know!

  • That first ensemble: Series lead Serena van der Woodsen made a big impression on fashionistas and TV critics from the very beginning. Let’s consider her first ensemble as a good example of that. We’re talking about the light jacket, paired with the Breton stripe top, and then combined with a perfect pair of jeans. The scarf tied around her neck is the perfect finishing touch.
  • The green scarf: Some would even go so far as to suggest the bandana-as-a-necktie look was first shown on Gossip Girl. We’re not sure that’s true, but it definitely helped to popularize the look. Blair’s high culture cocktail dress looks great on its own, but the appeal is even better when it’s combined with that green scarf.
  • Sequins: This was definitely not a show that was shy about sequins. Even if you think sequins are a bit overused in this day and age, you can’t help but admire the way the show utilized them on a few different occasions. Whether or not you want to admit it, some of the best fashion moments on Gossip Girl definitely involved the use of sequins.
  • Blair and 1950s fashion: We mentioned before the high culture cocktail dress Blair wore. Truth be told, Blair seemed to have an affinity for 1950s fashion. There is no question that Blair liked to be at the forefront of fashion. At the same time, she was also a girl who liked to mix things up with some decidedly classic styles. There is one swimsuit in particular that you probably already thought of on your own.
  • White Party dress: Remember the white dress Serena wore to that Hamptons White Party? Of course you do. It says a lot about someone when they can come to something as strict and formal as a Hamptons White Party, and still have something that leaves everyone else absolutely speechless.
  • Bows: Most of the ladies on Gossip Girl knew how to rock a bow. However, this might be another category in which Blair once again outshines Serena. Look at the show through the many seasons, and you will find that Blair was someone who really knew how to make those bows look good.

Which Gossip Girl Fashion Is Your Fave?

Watching the series to celebrate its tenth anniversary is a great way to celebrate such a milestone. It can also be an absolute blast to visit the famous Gossip Girl locations and destinations with a Gossip Girl tour. Wear your favorite Gossip Girl ensemble, and discover the stories behind some of the show’s most famous filming locations.