Innovative Means and Methods to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated to honor the mother of the family, maternal bonds, motherhood in general, as well as to recognize the great influence of mothers in the society. In ancient Greece, mother’s day was also observed as a spring celebration to honor the Mother of the Gods, Rhea.

While it may seem from the craze that Mother’s day is a clever invention of a band of decorators, florists and wish card companies, this was originally conceptualized and promoted by a woman, Anna M. Jarvis of Philadelphia in the early part of the 20th century in the United States when she held a memorial service for her mother and started campaigning to make it a recognized holiday and this was made official by then President Woodrow Wilson back in 1914. The celebration also started gaining popularity with time and is now celebrated globally on the second Sunday of May in the USA, and on various Sunday’s in March in the UK.

Although Anna Jarvis was against the commercialization of Mother’s day and fought an unsuccessful lawsuit to stop over-commercialization, it is now a highly commercialized and popular event as the gift shops, Jewelry stores, restaurants, and other commercial outlets are offering promotional deals on this day.

There are many ways to show one’s appreciation for mothers and motherhood on this day. On this day people, all over the world, remember their mothers and mother figures that include stepmother, mothers-in-law, foster mother, or a family friend. Special prayers and services are also held in honor of mothers in many countries.  


Planning the Mother’s day celebration is primarily based on what she would love to have most and then plan the day accordingly. The key to the success of the celebration lies in not involving your mother to do anything except to have fun and relax. It is always better to discuss with other family members to chalk out a detailed plan for the day. Here are some innovative ideas that you would love implementing to surprise and delight your Mom on this very special day.


Serve her a breakfast


Throughout the year your Mom wakes you up and gets your breakfast ready on the table. So, why not reciprocate her the same service on this special day? On this day you should get up early and juggle into the kitchen with your brothers, sisters and even father to prepare her favorite breakfast. When you serve her breakfast in the bed, she will be surprised. Also, let her sleep till late in the morning as you manage the morning chores.


Unite generations


Mother’s day celebration is to show your respect to the mother figures. You should secretly plan to get grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and other ‘moms’ in the family in your house for the celebration and treat your mother as the queen of the celebrations giving all mothers the day off. If the weather is fine, take them to a barbeque in the backyard.


Plan a picnic

Prepare one or two of your Mom’s favorite dishes, and if you are not the cooking type, plan to get her favorite dishes from a local caterer. Pack these along with fruits, snacks, eggs etc in a basket and take your Mom and other family members to a nearby park for eating out in the greens. Give your Mom the best place to sit so that she feels to be a special person this day.


Take her around

Maybe you mother loves to visit a certain museum or a particular bookshop or might have some secret wish of spending a day on a beautiful waterfront. Mother’s day offers the best opportunity to show that you care for her. Take her to her favorite places where she cannot go usually. She will be beaming with joy and you will feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Gift a Spa coupon

You can surprise your mother or the significant other with a coupon for spa treatment including facial, massage, aromatherapy, body & hair treatment etc. She will definitely love this and it will help her to relax and re-energize for a long time. You can also pair it with eating out at her favorite restaurant.

Present her a list of the lessons received

Every mother is proud of molding the lives of her children and is also eager to know how her guidance has influenced the kids to be a better citizen. Maybe you have taken some of her lessons by heart and also learned many things by following her. Make a list of the things along with your brothers and sisters, and frame it to present it to her on the Mother’s day. This is sure to bring tears of joy in her eyes.

Make it meaningful

In case your mother is passionate about some cause; try to work for the same cause on the mother’s day. Thus, you will spend some quality time with her on this special day and also have the opportunity to do some community service. This could be anything from working at an animal shelter to serving the poor & destitute or working for a community library.

Improve home decor

You can take your Mom to the horticulture to watch the spring blooms. But, it would more fun if she has the outdoors brought in. Of course, you can use live plants for your home decoration. But, these come with a box load of maintenance problems. They need regular care and maintenance.  The artificial landscaping products have no such pitfalls. They are professionally made from high-quality foliage impregnated with UV-blocking and fire-retardant chemicals. These can withstand all weather conditions and are fire-safe. Since these have no sunlight requirement, they can be placed anywhere. These season independent elements continue to adorn the home equally throughout the year.

Send her flowers and cards

If you are out of the town on the Mother’s day, celebrate this day by sending flower bouquets along with Mother’s day cards. You can also send her personalized gifts like coffee mugs, recreations of family photos to show your love and affection.


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