How Simply Plastics could help you save money.

We all like to think we can save a little money by being frugal or sensible about our purchases, and this is even more important in the run up to Christmas. It truly feels like every penny counts, but sometimes there are expenses we just can’t avoid making. Issues in our homes and gardens, household items that we feel are beyond repair and need replacing, and trying to get our homes ready for the hoards of family and visitors who descend on us during the festive season, can all see us having to spend money outside of our normal household budgets. But, in this post I am going to show you a couple of household hacks that might just help you to save a few precious pennies this Autumn.

  1. Greenhouse needs replacing.

Last week we saw some very strong winds that led to a neighbour’s greenhouse losing some of it’s panels. In the past this would’ve seen the need for a new greenhouse, but now it is much easier to repair the damage using perspex sheeting and acrylic greenhouse glazing . Simply Plastics stocks both of these, and as they are much stronger than standard glass they can save the trouble of them needing to be replaced again any time soon.

2. Fridge shelving stained and damaged

One of the main reasons for replacing your fridge is due to damage and wear and tear to shelves. Shelves are often glass, so can be damaged quite easily. They also get stained easily through leaks of things like milk, fizzy drinks with the tops not screwed on properly and leftovers not covered properly. But these days you can simply replace the shelf rather than replacing the whole fridge, with shelves that can be cut to any size and cost from as little as 70p.


3. Kitchen and Bathroom Splashbacks

These can often be very expensive, but can be created quite inexpensively using sweet pastel cast acrylic sheets from Simply Plastics. These come in a gorgeous range of colours, can be cut to any size and are very hard wearing and look totally stylish. These can come in a matt or high gloss finish for a very polished kitchen or bathroom look.


Do you have any home improvement hacks that can save money?

3 thoughts on “How Simply Plastics could help you save money.

  1. What great ideas, and timely in the run up to Christmas – such an expensive time of year. We’ve bought replacement fridge shelves and boxes direct from the fridge manufacturer. They still work out quite expensive, so your idea of cutting your own from bog standard plastic sheets is a great one. Tx

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