How to Encourage Good Study Habits in Your Children

If you’re keen for your child to succeed in school, it’s important to promote good study habits from an early age. By encouraging and nurturing a desire to learn, parents can help their children approach schoolwork and homework with a positive and determined attitude. I have teamed up with an independent kindergarten in New York to offer parents the advice they might need to create an environment that reinforces good study habits in their kids.


Firstly, it’s wise to establish and stick to a routine.  This will help your child understand their priorities and school work will be one of them. During homework sessions, make sure you are available to your child so that they can ask you questions if they have any. If no-one is around to help them when they get stuck, they will be far more likely to give up and develop a negative attitude towards their education.

Talk to your child about what they’re learning in school and make sure they know you’re interested. Studies have found that children whose parents show an active interest in their education tend to perform better. This is likely because they will want to try harder to impress you if they know you care. You can also encourage them by showing them that you enjoy learning new things too, because this will help them adopt a positive outlook.

Make sure your child has a designated space for homework and other educational activities. You could invest in a little desk for their bedroom, or another part of your house, depending on your circumstances. When setting up a study space, be sure to consider the lighting. Appropriate indoor lighting is important if you want to reduce the likelihood of eye strain and headaches.

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