How To Get Your Shopping For Less

Most people hate paying retail price, but they do it anyway because they think they have to pay the price on the tag. But, what if I told you that you didn’t have to pay the price on the tag and that the price on the tag is not set in stone? In fact, almost 40% of what retailers sell in the modern day is at a discount. Seriously, the days of paying full price for anything are long gone because of too much competition and a lack of patience.


If you are sick and tired of paying top price, take a look at the following. Below are the ways that you never have to pay retail price ever again.

Find A Voucher Code

Doing any sort of online shop without looking for fantastic voucher codes is frankly silly. Whether you get free delivery, or a percentage off your bill, there is usually a way to make your shopping cheaper. Look to the shops you like to buy from, and then sign up to get promo codes and great deals, for instance I love Monsoon and buy lots of my clothes from there, so I check in regularly to get any monsoon promo code from Love Discount Vouchers.  This enables me to get the best deals possible, all the time.

Compare The Market

Never buy a product until you have looked at every possible avenue. The odds are that the first price you come across is not going to be the cheapest. Even if it does turn out to be cheap, it is an irresponsible course of action as you have no idea – you are guessing, and guessing is a risk. To never pay full price again, you have to be vigilant and thorough. As soon as you see a price you like, head to the competition and see what they are offering

Go Online

The best deals are almost always online. Why? They tend to be online because the competition is a lot stronger online. Nowadays, all you need is an internet connection and a good idea to start a business, so the market is flooded. For the conventional stores it is not a good thing, but for you, it is a Godsend. It forces everyone who deals on the Internet to drop their prices so that they don’t lose out too much to the new kids on the block. The result is that the prices online are pretty much as low as you will ever find them anywhere else.

Keep The Receipt

Understanding the dynamic between the Internet and online stores is very important. Although it might not seem significant, it is a major tool at your disposal. Again, it revolves around the aspect of competition. As companies don’t want to lose out to their competitors, they will do a lot to snatch you away, which is where price promises raise their heads. Quite simply, a rival firm will match or better the price of their rivals as long as you can provide proof of purchase. Anyone who buys a product in the sale should keep an eye out for a price drop anywhere on the market. It could save you a fortune


Follow Social Media

To be honest, you don’t need to follow blogs and websites if you can follow the retailer directly. By dealing directly with the retailers or the manufacturers, you can keep the price to a minimum. Thanks to social media, this is now possible. Most stores will post or tweet about their upcoming sales to their followers, which is why it is important to be active on Facebook and Twitter. Even if they don’t message you, you can message them directly. Every store that respects their consumers will reply as they understand the importance of the relationship.

Cut Out Coupons

The majority of people do their shopping online, but that doesn’t mean that the high street is dead. It also doesn’t mean that there are no bargains on the high street because there are with the right amount of knowledge. With regards to the high street, it is all about coupons. Yes, coupons still exist, and they are still a great way to save money on everyday items as long as you have them at your disposal. Check the paper for any paper cuttings that you can use to redeem money off items in-store.

Credit Card Rewards

Do you have a credit card?  Do you pay the bill off every month? That is a very important question to answer as it affects your ability to redeem card rewards. Credit cards companies reward their customers with certain rewards if they do pay back the money, such as frequent flyer miles or cash back. If your credit card offers cash back, you can use this reward to pay for a purchase. It is that simple, and it saves a lot of money in the long run.

Now, paying full price is a thing of the past. Enjoy!

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