Introducing Groupon Coupons

I know that Groupon needs absolutely no introduction. The website that offers a range of holidays, goods and experiences at amazing low value prices is one of the phenomenon’s of modern times. You can try a new restaurant, book a spa date or do a bit of Christmas shopping on Groupon, and be absolutely sure to make a substantial saving. And now Groupon USA is taking it that one step further by also introducing Groupon Coupons, ensuring that you can make further savings from a range of stores and services.

The idea is that you can make savings, in the form of discounts, free postage and packaging and end of line offers through the Groupon Coupons page. Unlike many voucher code sites, you know these codes work as they have been verified by the Groupon website, and you can see how many times the coupon has been used that day.  The customer simply clicks on the ‘get offer’ button (usually in green) and then you are given the additional information about the offer, including any relevant discount codes.


The coupons are extensive, and take in everything, from hotels fashion (Gap, Ann Taylor and Forever 21 all have current offers running), and sportswear brands like Nike. There are flights, hire cars, toys, flowers, computers, sports experiences, beauty from Avon, quite literally, everything that can be sold, seems to have an offer.


I think this is being rolled out on UK groupon through the ‘Discount code and offers’ page, but not yet to this extent, or with the range of products and coupons I have found on the American site. With Christmas around the corner, Groupon Coupons is definitely a page worth bookmarking, whether you are looking for a bargain Christmas experience, or a special present.


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